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2006 RESNET Building Performance Conference

What the 2005 RESNET Building Performance Conference was Like: Attendees' Comments

2006 RESNET ConferenceFebruary 27 - March 1, 2006
Plaza San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas

The RESNET Building Performance Conference is the premier national forum on home energy ratings, residential energy efficiency financing, and building performance business development. Make plans now for three days of networking, learning, sharing and enjoying exciting San Antonio. The following are comments on the value of the conference from last year's attendees:

"There is a desire and need for the technical aspects of rating and building science to develop excellent raters. Affordable Comfort appreciates the opportunity to partner with RESNET and EPA to provide this service,"
Helen Perrin, Affordable Comfort, Inc., Waynesboro, PA

"While managing the ENERGY STAR Homes program for a utility, the content of this year=s conference helped answer questions about where we will be in 2006 and where we are heading in the future. The clarification on the code information was valuable."
Bob Bartone, United Illuminating Company, New Haven, CT

"I am very grateful to have been able to attend. I thought the information provided throughout the conference was very helpful to me and anyone involved in the rating business. I enjoyed meeting many new people and having the opportunity to listen and speak with those who serve at the national level. I was 'recharged' by the conference,"
Robert Kahabka, Building Performance Contractors Association of New York, Woodhull, NY

"I rely on the RESNET conference to meet people in our industry that I would not probably not meet at other conferences or events. Additionally, it is the best time to make our voices heard in the continual evolution of our trade."
Stephen Byers, EnergySmiths, Berthoud, CO

"Exceptional value for the knowledge gained from the sessions as well as attendees through networking."
Douglas Holton, Salt River Project, Tempe, AZ

"I think the conference was a terrific success. As my own business it had to be worth it to me, the boss. I don't think that you can get a better compliment than to know it was worth while."
Gabe Mouledoux, Certified Energy Raters, New Orleans, LA

"The conference was about understanding the changes that are taking place and I feel I now have a better understanding."
Robby Schwarz, BuiltWright, Denver, CO

"This was my first RESNET Conference. I=m impressed with the attendees knowledge level of building sciences."
Timothy Kisner, Austin Energy, Austin, TX

"As an energy efficiency and building performance business, the RESNET Conference is my first choice in conferences. I am able to meet others experiencing and overcoming the same obstacles that I have."
Ron Oltman, Energy Solutions, Boise, ID

"I gained a lot of knowledge from the seminars and felt more able to market our services."
Chip Henderson, CONTECTS, San Antonio, TX

"I was able to interact with some incredible and essential colleagues on a very professional level. Excellent opportunity to exchange ideas, connect, learn where things are going, assess the skill sets of different we are considering for training purposes."
Kristin Shewfelt, E-Star Colorado, Denver, CO

"It is always valuable enough to me so that I always attend bring what staff I can."
Terry Smith, Foundations 4 Energy, Westerville, OH

"I thought the RESNET Conference was a great learning opportunity. I have recently started working for the NC Energy Office on promoting ENERGY STAR homes in our state and this conference provided a lot of valuable information on the future of the program. I know that next year the conference will continue to provide important information about the home energy rating industry."
Laurel Elam, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC

"The conference provided a wonderful window of opportunity to see a new and improved weatherization format."
Juan Wilson, Louisiana Housing Authority, Baton Rouge, LA

"I had never attended before and I was pleasantly surprised. I only regretted not attending more of the sessions that were scheduled at the same time as my top priority sessions."
Pt Chesney, Tradewinds Appropriate Technology, Waco, TX

"Overall a great job!"
John Kiefer, E3 Building Sciences, Bonita Springs, FL