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2006 RESNET Building Performance Conference

Conference Presenters Bios

2006 RESNET ConferenceFebruary 27 - March 1, 2006
Plaza San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas

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Ben Adams
Senior Vice President
MaGrann Associates

Ben Adams is Senior Vice President for Business Development at MaGrann Associates, an energy/building consulting and engineering company and accredited HERS® Provider based in Moorestown NJ that provides residential engineering design, quality control, performance diagnostics, energy rating and Energy Star Homes services for builders, architects and homeowners. Ben sits on the Board of Directors for Affordable Comfort Inc. and the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET). He has over twenty years of professional experience in the energy efficiency industry, beginning at the New Zealand Ministry of Energy in 1981. Prior to joining MaGrann in 2000, Ben spent 11 years with Honeywell DMC, where as Residential Market Leader he was responsible for program design including "whole-house" retrofit and education services for low income program customers and fee paying homeowners, as well as technology based residential programs.

Ren Anderson
Building America Project Leader
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Ren joined NREL in 1983 as a "post doc" to conduct research on thermal transport in solar buildings. Through the years Ren's interest in building research expanded rapidly including managing NREL's projects for passive solar systems integration, advanced switchable window coatings, residential building energy design tools, advanced desiccant cooling and heat recovery systems, and residential air distribution system performance. Working with industry partners and DOE, Ren was a key driving force behind the initiation of the Building America program, now one of the largest research elements in DOE's buildings research portfolio. Ren was a co-recipient of a patent in 2001 for "Vehicle Cabin Cooling System for Capturing and Exhausting Heated Boundary Layer Air from Inner Surfaces of Solar Heated Windows" and has received several awards through the years including the MRI President's Award for Exceptional Performance in 1993, U.S. Department of Energy's Recognition Award for development of the Thermal Test Facility in 1995, and an Outstanding Accomplishment Award for his contributions towards completion of the Thermal Test Facility in 1996. Ren is an active member of several building science organizations including ASME, ASHRAE, the Denver NAHB, NCHI (the National Council for the Housing Industry, and is a reviewer for Colorado's Annual Energy Star Homes Award Program. Ren was a member and vice-chairman of ASHRAE's Standard 129, Measurement of Ventilation Effectiveness (released in 2002) and has published a large number of technical papers on natural convection in enclosures, momentum transport in turbulent jets, convective energy transport in passive solar buildings, and interactions between ventilation and Indoor Air Quality.

Steve Baden
Executive Director

Steve Baden has worked in the residential energy efficiency field for over twenty five years, including eighteen years with home energy ratings and energy mortgages on both the state and national levels, and ten years administering a state energy office. Mr. Baden initiated the "Warm Homes for Alaskans Initiative" which received the "1993 National Award for the Most Outstanding State Housing Program" from the National Council of State Housing Agencies. Steve was also awarded "Lifetime Achievement Awards" from the U.S. Department of Energy and RESNET.

Mike Barcik
Director of Technical Services
Southface Energy Institute

Mike Barcik is a senior research engineer and the Director of Technical Services at Southface Energy Institute. His areas of expertise include energy performance modeling, design reviews, building diagnostics, and technical training. A graduate from Georgia Tech with BS/MS degrees in mechanical engineering, he has conducted research in high-efficiency mechanical systems and has conducted hundreds of workshops and charrettes on high-performance residential and commercial buildings, including over 40 week-long HERS trainings. He is an active member of the State of Georgia Energy Code Task Force, a LEED accredited professional, and a USGBC LEED Faculty member.

Douglas G. Beaman
Douglas Beaman and Associates

Doug has over 25 years of experience in the energy conservation field working with builders, architects, HVAC contractors and homeowners. Currently he devotes the majority of his time to training for various energy conservation programs. In the past year the focus has been on the new California Energy Standards including the duct testing requirements for HVAC system change-outs. Doug and his staff conducted nearly 50 classes helping HVAC contractors understand and implement the California duct testing rules.

Claudia Brovick
Public Affairs Director

Claudia Ahrens has over 12 years of experience directing and managing financing programs, technical projects, legislative policy and budget initiatives, grant and loan programs, staff development, agency strategic planning, marketing and recruitment efforts for a variety of public agencies.

Steve Byers
EnergySmiths, Inc.

Steve Byers is the President of EnergySmiths Inc., a Colorado based energy services organization primarily serving the residential construction industry. Leaving the Air Force after flying for five years, Steve got involved in the building science industry working for Southface Energy Institute in Atlanta. Relocating in 1997 to Colorado, Steve started EnergySmiths. It's been a labor of love and EnergySmiths has grown into the largest energy rating company in Colorado. EnergySmiths also provides quality assurance services to utilities and other energy raters nationwide.

Thomas P. Conlon

Tom Conlon is an applied anthropologist and leading expert in energy-related social marketing. He is a founder of two highly innovative energy efficiency information companies (GeoPraxis and Green Building Studio, Inc.), and operates the EnergyCheckup™ home energy rating service for time-of-sale home inspectors. Since 1992, he has designed, implemented, and evaluated programs and information technologies that help businesses and consumers better manage their use of energy and other resources. His clients have included Pacific Gas & Electric, the California Energy Commission, and The World Bank (Jamaica).

Dan Curry
Architecture and Starts Manager
Medallion Homes

Dan Curry is Medallion Homes' Architecture and Starts Manager. His accomplishments with the San Antonio homebuilding firm are:

  • Created over 60 new plans and over 200 new exteriors for our product line.
  • Created a AutoCAD library of plans, accessible to Sales offices and Estimating department
  • Lead "Professor" of Medallion University - Internal training program
  • Implemented environmentally responsible practices building in communities with heavy tree and vegetation cover, using tree survey and site visits prior to selecting home for the site.
  • LEED for homes representative for Medallion Homes
  • Will solely manage and draft the start of 468 homes this year
  • Implemented a "Lunch and Learn". For my office employees, once a month we visit a community and look at a specific part of the homebuilding process. For example we would visit a community and discuss the various items in a house frame; blocking, ladder framing, trusses, finger jointed studs, etc. I explain why we do certain things, and what they accomplish. It gives them a knowledge and vocabulary to improve their work productivity.
  • Currently implementing an even-flow production schedule for the 2006 year, including a "fast-start" program to keep the front end of construction schedules on track.

Mr. Curry has a Masters of Architecture from Texas Tech (2001) - Thesis on a sustainable and environmental design for a physical rehabilitation center in Lubbock, TX. He is an associate member of the AIA. Dan is married w/ 2 children - wife; Robyn / Son: Alex (3 years) / Daughter: Megan (7 months)

W. Laurence Doxsey
Field Environmental Officer
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

W. Laurence Doxsey serves the US Department of Housing and Urban Development as Field Environmental Officer insuring compliance with Federal environmental laws and regulations. He brings a strong background in environmental issues particularly in the areas associated with building technologies, energy use, and sustainable development. Laurence is the Region VI Energy Task Force Team representative with responsibilities to support implementation of HUD's Energy Action Plan throughout the 5 state region. Prior to working with HUD, Mr. Doxsey served as Sustainability Officer and Senior Planner of the Sustainable Communities Initiative for the city of Austin, Texas. He also coordinated program development for the city's Green Builder Program, planning and initiating an acclaimed program that generated improved environmental stewardship and sustainable building practices.

Steve Easley
Building Media, Inc.

Steve Easley, President of Building Media Inc. is an internationally recognized construction consultant who specializes in solving building science related problems and helping builders reduce their construction defects and call back costs. BMI provides program design, technical consulting, quality assurance and on-line education for contractors, utilities, government and trade associations. Steve is a spokesperson for the California Energy Commissions "On Line" Internet Video Training Series and the State of Michigan Division of Codes.

Megan Edmunds
Executive Director
E-Star Colorado

Megan Edmunds is the Executive Director of E-Star Colorado. She oversees and manages all aspects of the program including its technical, communications, marketing, and administrative aspects. Prior to E-Star, Megan spent eight years in Planning and Development with the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA). Since then, she has developed a team that has increased E-Star Colorado's impact on residential energy efficiency through outreach to the building trades, local code jurisdictions, and others whose work affects Colorado's real estate industry.

David Eishen
Energy Efficient Green Building Institute

David Eishen is the Director of the Energy Efficient Green Building Institute. The Institute is a partnership between the Department of Energy, Building America Program, and Cedar Valley College, part of the Dallas County Community College System. The Institute is developing a new two year degree program for the Residential Building Performance Specialist targeting the home energy rating and green rating professions. This new two year degree program will be offered nationally beginning August 2006. David Eishen with a background as a mechanical contractor has been teaching occupational education for over thirty years. He is currently working with RESNET in the areas of education and testing.

Audrey Evans
Earth Energy

Audrey Evans has over a decade of experience with non-profit groups and government, on environmental & other policy issues. She has been an energy rater in the New Orleans area for the past 5 years. Post-Katrina, she also serves with the LSU AgCenter's Cooperative Extension Service (via DOE's Building America Program), assisting with training/outreach to professionals & the public on building science topics and Louisiana's newly-adopted uniform building code.

Richard Faesy
Project Manager
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Richard works as part of the Planning and Evaluation Team at the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation in Burlington, Vermont. He specializes in residential buildings and technology, with a focus on new construction, green building, home energy ratings and energy efficiency financing. He is involved with clients in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, the U.S. EPA, U.S. Green Building Council and others. He has been active nationally in many Home Energy Rating System (HERS) / Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) efforts including starting and managing the Northeast HERS Alliance, and working with the Department of Energy (DOE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Energy Rated Homes of America, the HERS Council, the National Collaborative on HERS and EEMs and other initiatives. He has also been involved with numerous energy policy efforts including the adoption of Vermont's first Energy Code, development of a Vermont residential mechanical ventilation standard, and development of the Vermont Builds Greener rating system. Richard was featured in a national Dateline/NBC story on energy efficiency in 2001 and was also awarded RESNET's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Philip Fairey
Deputy Director
Florida Solar Energy Center

Philip Fairey is the Deputy Director of the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC). In 1980, Mr. Fairey initiated the building science research program at FSEC. Since then, he has had primary responsibility for 30 major building science research contracts totaling more than $11 million. He has extensive experimental and analytical expertise in the fields of moisture transport and control, pressure and air flow control, indoor air quality (IAQ), building envelope systems, cooling and dehumidification systems, natural ventilation systems, energy-efficient building design, industrialized housing systems, utility Demand Side Management (DSM), building energy-efficiency rating systems, and computer simulation and modeling. Mr. Fairey conceived and developed the Florida Building Energy-Efficiency Rating System and led the development of EnergyGauge, a user-friendly, windows-based software tool for code compliance, energy ratings and economic analysis. He is a affiliate member of the National Association of State Energy Offices (NASEO) and served as a member of the National HERS Council Technical Committee and the Technical, and Accreditation Committees of NASEO. He currently serves on the Florida Building Commission Energy, Technical Advisory Committee and on a number of RESNET committees where he is chairman of the Training Providers Accreditation Committee, Co-chair of the Standards Drafting Committee and Chairman of the Software Accreditation Subcommittee on the rating method. He is a founding member of the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC).

Rob Falke
National Comfort Institute

Rob Falke is the President of National Comfort Institute, an HVAC training, support and certification organization. NCI has trained and certified over 6,000 HVAC professionals to effectively measure and improve installed HVAC system performance. This group tests, diagnoses and renovates over 250,000 systems a year and is the nation's largest HVAC verification organization. Through the NCI organization, Mr. Falke has authored, patented and trademarked methods for their certified technicians to measure and rate the installed efficiency of heating and cooling systems. His organization has gathered this data and produced research revealing an alarming gap between assumed HVAC efficiency and field measured system efficiency. He has developed standards and procedures over the past 15 years that are taught in over 100 NCI public seminars a year enabling HVAC professionals to perform live testing to determine installed HVAC system efficiency. "Doc" Falke has become one of the HVAC industry's favorite writers as he offers a constant stream of ‘how-to" and opinion articles through industry publications, conferences and the National Comfort Institute website and membership organization. He has been a presenter numerous trade conferences and is known as the father of residential air balancing. He credits his success to developing curriculum that brings physics and science to a level that any technician can take into the field and effectively implement the following day. Ninety-five percent of NCI's training, testing and system renovation work that results from the training are performed voluntarily, without rebates, outside of government and utility efficiency programs.

Christopher J. Fennell
Institute of Building Technology and Safety

Chris Fennell has twenty years of domestic and international homebuilding, market research, and engineering experience. As Vice-President of Marketing and Division Director for Energy Engineering at the NAHB Research Center, Fennell led more than 100 research projects for domestic and international building product manufacturers, trade associations, and federal agencies involving market research, innovative construction materials, new product commercialization, energy and industrial engineering, quality management, building codes, and training. Fennell was Program Manager for U.S. Department of Energy Zero Energy Home and Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings programs. He spent four years as Engineering and Field Service Manager at Winchester Homes, a Weyerhaeuser Company. He gained extensive manufactured housing and building code experience during several years at the National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards, a division of which is now IBTS. International housing experience includes recent research work in China and responsibility as European Operations Manager for Ryland Homes. Fennell has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Union College and an International MBA from Georgetown University.

Ken Fonorow
Florida H.E.R.O.

Ken Fonorow is president of Florida H.E.R.O., a building science consulting firm. Ken has been a leader in the field of applied building science for over 25 years. His broad based experience as energy analyst, technical advisor and problem solver, along with his results oriented practical approach, has resulted in some of the nation's most successful examples of energy efficient and healthy homes and developments. He works in partnership with builders and developers on projects that have resulted in national recognition such as NAHB Energy Value Awards, EPA Energy Star Builder of the Year and the SEBC Grand Aurora Award for Energy Efficiency.

Michael Freedberg
Senior Policy Advisor
Office of Policy Development and Research
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Michael Freedberg is senior policy advisor for energy and urban policy in HUD''s Office of Policy Development and Research. As co-chair of HUD''s Energy Task Force, he coordinates HUD''s Energy Action Plan, a comprehensive strategy for reducing energy costs in HUD''s inventory of public and assisted housing, and is responsible for implementing the Technology Roadmap for Energy Efficiency in Existing Housing for the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH). Trained as an architect and urban planner, Mr. Freedberg has been involved in a wide range of residential energy activities. In New York City he developed the nation''s first urban applications of solar and wind energy, as part of the first sweat equity conversions of abandoned tenement buildings to cooperative ownership. His projects created an important precedent for small-scale wind and renewable energy production in the United States. He was also Energy Policy Coordinator for the National Center for Policy Alternatives, focusing on alternative energy policies for state and local officials.

Doug Garrett
Building Performance & Comfort, Inc.

Doug Garrett established Building Performance & Comfort, Inc., a full service building science based firm, in 1997. His company offers diagnosis and testing of structures from a buildings-are systems approach. He consults nationally on projects to achieve a working building system maximizing efficiency, health, and comfort.

Mathew (Mat) S. Gates
Residential Science Resources, LLC

As Co-Founder and Building Science Consultant at Residential Science Resources, LLC, Mat consults and leads activities with home builders in the private sector and community action programs. Utilizing the Whole House Systems Approach to home construction, he helps turn scientific theory into common practice. Mat is involved with many facets of builder education programs, including: cost benefit energy analysis, code interpretation, research into innovative systems technology, systems engineering and integration design, HVAC system sizing and design, field testing and inspection, on-site implementation and training, and troubleshooting. He also works with home rehabilitation partners to integrate energy efficiency and durability into the retrofit market. Mat's background is in light construction and residential home inspection. Mat earned a Bachelor's of Science in Residential Building Science & Technology from the University of Minnesota.

David B. Goldstein
Co-Director of Energy Program
Natural Resources Defense Council

David B. Goldstein has worked on energy efficiency and energy policy since the early 1970s. He currently co-directs NRDC's Energy Program. David B. Goldstein initiated and directed research on how urban structure affects the usage of automobiles, and originated the Location Efficient Mortgage to implement the results. David B. Goldstein received a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley, and is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the recipient of its Leo Szilard Award for Physics in the Public Interest. He received a MacArthur Fellowship in 2002 and is the recipient of the California Alumni Association's 2003 Award for Excellence in Achievement. Dr. Goldstein has been instrumental in the development of energy efficiency standards for new buildings and appliances that are currently in effect at the regional and national level in the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, and China.

Andrew M. Gordon
Energy Specialist
Washington State University Extension Energy Program

Mr. Gordon is an energy specialist for Washington State University Extension Energy Program with fifteen years of experience in program management and implementation, technical assistance to public and industry, and is an accomplished writer. Mr. Gordon is Washington State's lead for the regional Energy Star Homes Northwest program, and has worked on numerous residential energy efficiency programs, including the Super Good Cents manufactured housing program, energy code support, and the Building America Industrialized Housing Project. He has authored or co-authored numerous technical publications, articles and reports on residential energy efficiency.

Jim Hackler
LEED for Homes Program Manager
U.S. Green Building Council

Jim Hackler is the program manager for the U. S. Green Building Council's new LEED for Homes rating system. Jim joined the USGBC in 2004 after serving as the project director of EarthCraft House, an environmental construction program of Southface Energy Institute in partnership with the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. Jim's background also includes five years as the Managing Editor of GoodCents (trade magazine for homebuilders), advisory board of Atlanta Home Improvement and a contributing writer for Atlanta Journal/Constitution and Atlanta Building News. Jim has been a presenter at Greenprints, NAHB's Green Building Conference and other industry forums. His work has been featured on CNN, HGTV, Turner South, Fox News and numerous other print and television media.

Dr. Jay Hall
Consultant, US Green Building Council's LEED for Homes
Building Knowledge

Dr. Jay Hall has twenty years of experience in sustainable building design and development. He is an expert in market transformation, building energy efficiency, and indoor environmental quality. He was educated in his hometown of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. In 1987, he earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University. For the last 15 years, he has worked as a consultant with to the US EPA's ENERGY STAR family of programs. Since 1995, he has consulted to the EPA's ENERGY STAR for Homes Program. And for the last year, he has been a consultant to the US Green Building Council's LEED for Homes program. He currently works for Building Knowledge, whose mission is to develop and promote educational tools to improve the performance of homes.

Thomas Hamilton
Executive Director
California Home Energy Efficiency Rating System (CHEERS)

Thomas Hamilton is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of a state-wide non-profit home energy rating organization encompassing its administration, technical, and training departments. Mr. Hamilton developed the CHEERS strategic business plan in order to become financially self-sufficient. Thomas oversees all fiscal activities including the operating annual budget of $1 million and the ongoing marketing and implementing new business development throughout the state. Prior to joining CHEERS, Thomas Hamilton worked in the mortgage industry serving as Senior Vice President of the Western League of Savings Institutions, Vice President of FarWest Savings & Loan, and the Secondary Marketing Manager of Westco Savings Bank.

Bruce Harley
Technical Director
Conservation Services Group

Bruce Harley, Technical Director of Conservation Services Group in Westborough, MA, is involved in management, research, design consulting, and HERS policy development. His extensive hands-on experience informs his trainings on building science, energy efficient construction, energy codes and ratings, HVAC, air quality and moisture. His book, Insulate and Weatherize, was published in September 2002 by The Taunton Press.

Chip Henderson
CONTECTS - Consultants & Architects

Chip Henderson is a principle of Contects-Consultants &Architects - an architecture and consulting firm providing building science, code compliance and energy consulting services to the construction industry. Chip is responsible for the company's business development functions, including its role as a HERS Provider in support of the ENERGY STAR® Home program. His background includes more than 20 years of experience as an architect, helping clients find sustainable solutions to housing and environmental needs.

Michael J. Holtz, FAIA
Architectural Energy Corporation

Michael has been engaged in energy research, development, and design consulting since 1972, and has been involved in the research, development, and implementation of home energy rating systems since 1979. He has participated in all national HERS planning efforts, including the National League of Savings Association, the HUD/DOE Collaborative Council on Home Energy Rating, the HERS Council, the original NASEO/RESNET initiatives and all new RESNET initiatives; and a number of state HERS initiatives. Michael is a current member of the RESNET Board of Directors. Architectural Energy Corporation has developed the REM/Rate and REM/Design residential energy analysis, code compliance, and rating software, which is widely used throughout the U.S. by HERS providers, weatherization agencies, energy consultants, utilities, and others.

Kathy Howard
Division Manager
Energy Sense

Kathy Howard is the founder of Energy Sense, recently acquired by Masco Corporate Services. Kathy now acts as Division Manager and responsible for the Marketing and Production of Energy Sense in the major Texas markets including: Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Energy Sense is a consulting, energy codes and Energy Star inspection firm. Kathy is both a Master Certified Rater for the Engineered for Life and Environment for Living programs, and a Certified Energy Star Provider. As a Ratings Provider with a staff of 30, Energy Sense is works with 50 percent of the Energy Star Builders including David Weekley, Wilshire Homes, DR Horton, Emerald Builders, Meritage Homes, Newmark Homes, MHI and Partners in Building, Pulte, Ryland, Perry Homes, Morrison Homes, Kimball Hills Homes and Royce Homes, along with many local Custom Builders. Her team is also responsible for acting as a Provider in Phoenix and Florida markets. In 2000, Kathy piloted the Energy Star New Homes Program with Reliant Energy. This program was accepted by the Texas Public Utility Commission as the template to be used by utilities in the State. As a key member of the Stakeholders committee sponsored by Texas A&M, Kathy played a key role in having Energy Star accepted as code compliance. The market has grown from the pilot of 500 homes to 15,000 homes under contract in Houston alone for 2003 and approximately 26,000 in 2004. Energy Sense services 50% of the Energy Star market. Currently Kathy is serving on the RESNET Board and has been active in several sub-committees. She is also a member of the multifamily residential task force. Locally, Kathy is a member of the Greater Houston Builders Association, serving on the codes committee, Governmental affairs committee, Chairs the Education Committee and co-chairs the Green building Committee.

Mark Jansen
Energy Efficient Homes Midwest

Mark Jansen administers the Energy Efficient Homes Midwest program that conducts energy ratings in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. Previously Mark administered the Energy Rated Homes Midwest program that conducted over 10,000 energy ratings in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. Energy Rated Homes Midwest has received the EPA Energy Star "Ally of the Year Award" for Technical Support in 1998 & 1999. He began the program during his thirteen year tenure with the Indiana Department of Commerce, Energy Policy Division. Prior to working for state government Mark performed over 5000 residential energy audits under contract to a local utility in Indianapolis. He attended Jordan Energy Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mark is the past President of Energy Rated Homes of America and is a member of the Energy Subcommittee of the National Association of Home Builders and RESNET Board of Directors.

Myron Katz
Energy, Moisture and Building Science Consultant
Wisznia Associates

Myron Katzis an Energy, Moisture and Building Science Consultant with Wisznia Associates (Architects), AIA since 1997 and an adjunct instructor at Tulane University. His mathematics Ph.D. thesis at UC Berkeley led to the first US patent for a prominent class of medical imaging systems. Current professional activities utilize certifications as a (Home) Energy Rater and an Indoor Environmentalist (Indoor Air Quality Association). He is a Past-President of the National Energy Raters Association and co-founder of the Alliance for Affordable Energy, which, in its first decade, helped regulators save the citizens of New Orleans over ten billion dollars in electricity and gas bills. In 1986-88, while the Energy Consultant to the Louisiana Attorney General, he was an expert witness before the Louisiana Public Service Commission and co-authored A Proposal for Least-Cost Utility Planning, for the Louisiana legislature. In 1988, he designed a commercial lighting retrofit with a two-month payback. His innovations are frequently two-to-five times as energy efficient as conventional alternatives including: HVAC distribution, insulation and dehumification systems, as well as methods to test their effectiveness. They involve: ground-source heat-pumps, hydronic cooling, cathedralized attics and passive dehumidification. He received the 2002 Special Merit Award for Steering the Professional Development of Certified Louisiana Home Energy Raters from the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. He is the principal consultant to a study funded by DOE, Testing and Sealing Ductwork, and Reducing Energy Usage in Existing Residential and Industrial Buildings. As principal author of Generalized Subtraction Correction Algorithm, published in ASTM's Journal of Testing and Evaluation, November 2004, he unified and enhanced duct leakage, house leakiness and zone pressure dependence testing into a fast and robust diagnostic approach for measuring and analyzing the advective flows most important to energy auditing.

Stephen R. Klossner
Advanced Certified Thermography

Steve Klossner is president of Advanced Certified Thermography and has served as one of the national consultants to the health house project since its 1993 inception. His firm has provided testing services for over 10,000 homes across the country, including studies for universities, utilities, state agencies and health departments. He provides training and seminars on indoor air quality and building diagnostics nationally, sharing his extensive experience in combining building science, performance testing and indoor air quality testing. Steve co-authored the Health House performance standards and is currently coordinating the development of a national training program for site inspectors and standards verification testing, as well as developing broad based testing protocols for the residential market.

Richard Kornbluth
EnTherm, Inc.

Richard Kornbluth is the president of EnTherm Inc. in Syracuse, New York. He has been an insulation contractor for twenty-six years. He also serves on the Board of Affordable Comfort, Inc. and the Building Performance Contractors Association of New York State. Dick's company received the NYSERDA award for "Outstanding Achievement in Home Performance Contracting" in 2002 and 2003.

Abe Kruger
Project Manager
Southface Energy Institute
Abe is a graduate of Oberlin College, where he majored in Environmental Studies and History. He has been with Southface Energy Institute since 2004. Abe manages Southface's HERS Providership, performs home performance assessments, and conducts HERS trainings. Abe looks forward to visiting the Alamo and meeting other HERS professionals.

Tei Kucharski
Energy Gauge Program Coordinator
Florida Solar Energy Center

Tei Kucharski joined the staff of the Florida Solar Energy Center as the program coordinator for the Florida Energy Gauge Office in March of 1998. Her tasks include marketing Energy Gauge® software to consumers, builders, real estate professionals and mechanical systems professionals, the training of new raters, educating diversified groups about the rating system, software technical support and maintaining the ratings database. In addition, she has also conducted workshops and performed technical support for the Department of Community Affairs in Florida dealing with both residential and commercial energy code to building officials, HVAC contractors, and builders. Ms. Kucharski has more than 30 years experience in preparing residential and commercial energy calculations and load calculations for builders. She is a Certified Class I Energy Rater in the State of Florida and a certified residential building contractor, inactive. She has recently become the Quality Assurance Designee for the Energy Gauge Office. In addition, she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Florida Housing Coalition, a non-profit affordable housing advocate.

Galo LeBron
Chief Executive Officer
Energy Inspectors

Galo LeBron is a founder and current chief executive officer of Energy Inspectors, a residential energy efficiency consulting, compliance, ENERGY STAR rating, and construction assurance firm, working exclusively with production builders of new homes. Founded in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1999, Energy Inspectors are RESNET accredited provider in 18 states with offices and captive field operations throughout Nevada, Arizona, California, and Utah. Energy Inspectors has become the largest residential ENERGY STAR rating company in the Western United States certifying thousands of home in each of the states.

David Lee
Residential Brach Director
Environmental Protection Agency

David Lee currently is the Director for the Residential Branch, overseeing the ENERGY STAR New and Existing Homes Program. Prior to the ENERGY STAR Program, David was the branch chief responsible for the regulatory program to phase out the use of ozone depleting chemicals at EPA. Over his career, he has worked in several policy offices with EPA and the Department of Health and Human Services, developing multi-media risk assessments of pollutants, as well as working on social security, pension and social welfare policy. He was a Peace Corps volunteer in Kenya.

C.T. Loyd
Energy Star Division Director
The Nelrod Company

With 21 years in construction and modernization experience, Mr. Loyd consistently produces quality work and exceeds guidelines for code enforcement authorities. As Energy Star Program Director for The Nelrod Company, he has conducted a large number of Qualified Energy Audits in California, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and Texas in addition to several other areas in the United States. He has over seen the certification of over 7,700 homes under the EPA Energy Star Homes program in Texas. Furthermore, he has completed three Energy Star Plant Qualifications for the Manufactured Housing Research Alliance, certifying each plant's ability to produce Energy Star Labeled Homes. Mr. Loyd is a co-author of The Meter Is Running! A Resident's Guide to Energy Conservation. Mr. Loyd serves on the Quality Control Standards committee for the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) organization, Manufactured Housing Research Alliance Energy Star Homes Manual editing/revision panel, and lead consultant for The Nelrod Company on the EPA, DOE, and HUD task force on Energy Conservation. He is a graduate of Lincoln Technical Institute and the Environmental Resources Training Center at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville. He has extensive experience in identifying energy conservation measures for new construction, as well as existing facilities. Mr. Loyd has conducted trainings for the Kansas Building Science Institute, an accredited HERS/RESNET Training Center. Mr. Loyd is a certified Home Energy Rater, IECC certified inspector, and a certified expert witness for Carbon Monoxide.

John J. Loyer
Energy and Green Building Department
National Association of Home Builders
John J. Loyer is a Construction, Codes, and Standards Specialist in the Energy and Green Building Department of the National Association of Home Builders in Washington, DC. Formerly, he taught as Adjunct Faculty for Penn State University''s Pennsylvania Housing Research Center (PHRC) and was the Director of Operations/Code Administrator for BA One Call, a non-profit public/private partnership. Recently, he was named to the National Register's Who's Who in American Executives and Professionals in 2004 and Madison's Who''s Who for 2005. A former State Marshall with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, he is also a fully ICC-certified residential building inspector. John has a Bachelor's degree and numerous professional certificates/diplomas from Mercyhurst College and a Master's degree from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. In addition to his certifications, John is a full voting member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and A/C Engineers (ASHRAE), sitting on several committees as NAHB's organizational representative, a member of a American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), and was a member of the Code Training Consortium of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a former governmental member of the International Code Council (ICC), and was the Building Officials and Code Administrators International's (BOCA) Governmental Representative in Northwestern Pennsylvania. He has been a full voting member of the National Fire Protection Association's (NFPA) Architects Engineers and Building Officials Section, as well as a member of the International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO). He was also a member of the Pennsylvania Building Officials Conference (PennBOC), Pennsylvania Code Officials (PACO), and Commonwealth Building Officials (CBO).

Rick Marx
Vice President of Operations
EAM Associates

Prior to entering the world of energy efficiency, Rick spent eleven years with a major consumer products company where, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, he was responsible for customer service, business development, and all aspects of their marketing functions. Beginning in 1988 he left the consumer products arena and entered the energy consulting business, where he successfully assisted several New Jersey based investor owned utilities with the design and implementation of their energy efficiency programs. In 1993 Rick formed EAM Associates, providing turnkey consulting, program design/implementation, and complete marketing services to utilities, HVAC contractors and state energy programs. EAM also produces energy compliance calculations, HVAC load calculations and design for residential and commercial builders/developers. As a RESNET-accredited HERS provider, EAM has certified over 5,000 homes to date. Rick is a member of the New Jersey Shore Builders Association and serves on their Board of Directors. He is currently the Vice Chairman of the Eastern Heating and Cooling Council's Board of Directors and a member of the Builders League of South Jersey. Rick serves on the New Jersey Builders Association Energy Star Homes Task Force, and is a member of the New Jersey Clean Energy Council Energy Efficiency Committee.

Janet McIlvaine
Research Analyst, Buildings Research Division
Florida Solar Energy Center

Janet McIlvaine began working at the Florida Solar Energy Center in 1990 after graduating from Clemson University with a BS in Design. She specializes in energy use simulation and technical assistance to home builders. Ms McIlvaine currently serves as the liaison to Habitat for Humanity for the U.S. Department of Energy's Building America Program and in that capacity has worked with Habitat for Humanity affiliates in more than 20 states on the design and construction of over 600 houses. She is a Florida certified Class I Home Energy Rater and she consulted on and certified Florida=s first official Green Home in 2001 which also won an NAHB Energy Value Housing Award. Ms. McIlvaine's presentations and papers strive to help professionals develop energy intuition.

David Meisegeier
Project Manager
ICF Consulting

Mr. Meisegeier is a Project Manager at ICF Consulting with 12 years of professional experience. His skills include: design and implementation of strategic efficiency and demand reduction programs; market and technology assessments of products and systems; and information technology development. Mr. Meisegeier currently leads a team of analysts, marketers, account managers, communications specialists, and trainers. This team provides full-service support to the EPA's voluntary ENERGY STAR market transformation programs (including the ENERGY STAR new and existing homes programs) as well as to many other private clients and trade organizations. Mr. Meisegeier received his Bachelors degree in Architectural Engineering from Pennsylvania State University in 1991. He received his Masters degree in Engineering Management from George Washington University in 1999.

Edward Minch
Energy Services Group

Ed began building solar homes in 1973 in response to our first oil embargo. With a thorough understanding of cost effective efficiency measures, he founded Energy Services Group in 1981 to both consult with builders and homeowners on making their homes more efficient, and to complete much of the contracting necessary for that efficiency. Energy Services Group uses the Princeton House Doctor Approach in analyzing existing homes and supplies guaranteed air tightness levels to builders of new homes. They are a HERS Provider offering energy ratings and building analysis and are an Energy Star Ally in 4 states.

Rich Moore
Invisible Energy

Rich Moore has been presenting residential energy conservation trainings since 1984. In 2003, he founded Invisible Energy, offering energy conservation services and training for builders, homeowners, and weatherization agencies.

Courtney Moriarta
Senior Engineer
Steven Winter Associates

Courtney Moriarta is a Senior Engineer for Steven Winter Associates, a building performance consulting firm headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut. Ms. Moriarta has over a decade of experience working in the residential energy and building performance industry. Her experience ranges from field testing and installations to her recent tenure as Executive Director of the Building Performance Institute. Ms. Moriarta has inspected thousands of homes, trained building and energy professionals nationwide, and authored technical standards covering a broad range of building performance issues. She is a strong proponent of a holistic approach to building improvements and supporting the contracting trades and technicians responsible for carrying out this work.

Neil Moyer
Principal Research Engineer
Florida Solar Energy Center

Neil is nationally recognized for his expertise in the field of building science and duct system diagnostics. He has inspected miles of duct work, repaired hundreds of square feet of unintentional openings, and tested close to a couple thousand homes and hundreds of commercial buildings. Also, he has worked with numerous homeowners and builders, both residential and commercial, in finding solutions to indoor air quality and moisture problems. In addition, he has co-authored numerous scientific papers and articles relating to both commercial and residential building diagnostics and repair, with an emphasis on uncontrolled airflow and it's effect on building performance. He has been a trainer for many utilities, and at the conferences organized by the Energy Efficient Building Association (EEBA) and Affordable Comfort.

Joe Nagan
Home Building Technology Services

Joe Nagan, owner of Home Building Technology Services in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, has been performing construction management and consulting on high performance homes for over 15 years. Joe presents at various local, state and national conferences on various topics but is widely respected and sought after for his knowledge of mechanical ventilation. Joe offers hands-on assistance to builders and contractors, addressing advanced air sealing, design and installation of mechanical ventilation systems and performance testing. He is certified through the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) in the design and installation of mechanical ventilation systems. Joe currently serves as the technical director for the Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes program. He is a 16-year member of the Energy Efficient Building Association (EEBA) and a past winner of their international design competition for energy efficient housing. Joe also received the 2004 Wisconsin Governor's Commitment to Excellence Award for Exemplary Leadership to Advance the Performance of Residential Buildings.

Gregory A. Nahn
Program Manager
Wisconsin Energy Conservation Corporation

Mr. Nahn is the program manager for the state of Wisconsin's residential new construction program-Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes. His duties include managing the daily operation of the program, program standards, testing protocol, data collection and performance information, marketing, and a series of building science seminars for builders, subcontractors, and other program field personnel. Prior to becoming program manager, Mr. Nahn was the technical coordinator of the Wisconsin ENERGY STAR Homes program and served as a quality control specialist for the state of Wisconsin's existing home rating program - Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.

Gary Nelson
The Energy Conservatory

Gary Nelson is president of The Energy Conservatory, which he co-founded in 1983, and which is known worldwide as a leader in the design, manufacture, and sales of building performance testing equipment, including the Minneapolis Blower Door and Duct Blaster®. Many of the standard procedures used by building performance technicians to diagnose and measure house and duct leakage were developed by Gary and first published in the operating manuals for Energy Conservatory products. Gary is frequently involved in designing measurement techniques for special situations and has made measurements and diagnosed problems in hundreds of buildings. He is on the board of directors of Affordable Comfort Inc. and is on RESNET's Technical Committee.

Heather Newell
TVLB Sales and Marketing Manager
CitiMortgage, Inc., Program Administrator
Texas Veterans Land Board Program

Working for the Program Administrator, CitiMortgage, Mrs. Newell works to meet the housing needs of Texas Veterans by promoting the Veterans Housing Assistance Program for the Texas Veterans Land Board. She hosts trainings for participating lenders around the state. She works with lenders to develop marketing strategies, to further outreach with the lenders' realtor and builder partners, and to provide technical assistance during the loan process. In early 2005 the Texas Veterans Land Board changed their mortgage program to require all newly constructed homes to be ENERGY STAR® certified. In doing so, they are the first mortgage investor to require ENERGY STAR® rather than give an incentive for it. In addition to working with lenders, during the past year, Mrs. Newell has worked with home energy raters and homebuilders throughout Texas to implement the ENERGY STAR® requirement.

Lee O'Neal
NSpects Ltd.

Lee O'Neal is president of NSpects Ltd, a Home Energy Rating & Building performance firm based in Chantilly, Va. (metro Washington, DC). Lee has 24 years experience in residential and light commercial construction and 13 years as a home inspector. In addition to serving as the President of Nspects and overseeing the company's Energy Star certification, building performance analysis and accredited rating provider operations, he also serves on the RESNET Board of Directors, is a consultant to the Arlington County, Va. green home program (Green Choice) and participates in the Build America program for the U.S. Department of Energy. He has appeared in articles in Home Energy magazine, The Washington Post, NBC News 4 (Washington, DC) and interviewed by the New York Times. Lee is on the RESNET Board of Directors as well as having served on the RESNET Quality Assurance and Ethics Committee, RESNET Sampling Standards Drafting Committee, and other sub-committee.

Kelly Parker
Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems, Inc.

Kelly Parker, P.E. is the owner and president of Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems - West, Inc., a national energy, engineering, consulting and inspection firm which has received the EPA Partner of the Year Award for 2001 and 2003 and an EEBA Technical Achievement Award for 2003. Guaranteed Watt Saver has an employee base of over 45 employees devoted to assisting builders and homeowners apply a comprehensive application of building science principles. Kelly has over 15 years experience as a Professional Engineer in multiple states. Clients include municipalities, insurance carriers, builders, architects and numerous private firms and individuals. He has specialized in inspecting and reporting the physical condition and cost of repairing residential and commercial buildings for buyers, sellers, lenders and insurers. For the last thirteen years, he has specialized in energy efficiency of residential structures addressing HVAC design, performance and air infiltration testing and control.

William Parlapiano III
Chief Executive Officer
Building Performance Institute

Prior to joining BPI, Mr. Parlapiano worked on a variety of programs supporting ENERGY STAR® across New York State. Throughout his professional career spanning nearly two decades he has worked in various positions as a mechanical contractor as well as having spent time as an indoor air quality consultant and a marketing consultant. Early in his career, Mr. Parlapiano served in the United States Army, where he worked on a Joint Chiefs of Staff, directed experimental aircraft project. Mr. Parlapiano is a Professional Associate Member, Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) where he also serves on the ACCA Quality Installation Committee; Member, American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE); Member, International Codes Council (ICC); Member; National Fire Protection Association(NFPA); Member; American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM); Deputy Director, Region 2, Secretary, Empire Keystone Association and Hudson Mohawk Chapter President of the Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES). Mr. Parlapiano also serves on the Board of Directors for ACI, formerly Affordable Comfort. Mr. Parlapiano is a member of the Board of Trustees for North American Technician Excellence (NATE) as well as a member of their Technical Committee.

Patricia Plympton
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

For the last ten years, Patricia Plympton has been with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Washington DC serving in a variety of roles. Currently, she provides technical assistance to the Federal government's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. She has also managed renewable energy project development for the Federal Energy Management Program and worked with Rebuild America's EnergySmart Schools program. Prior to her experience in the energy field, Ms. Plympton worked as a propulsion design engineer at GE Aerospace. She holds an M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from Tufts University, a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a B.A. in Applied Science, both from Lehigh University.

Edward Pollock
Office of Building Technologies
U.S. Department of Energy

Edward Pollock is the Team Leader of the Residential Building Research Team in the Office of Building Technologies. The Office of Building Technologies conducts building research to reduce the amount of energy used in residential and commercial buildings. This research includes finding ways to improve the performance of walls and windows as well as development of more efficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems and other equipment used in buildings. The office is also investigating the most effective use of renewable energy systems to supplement the energy needed in buildings. The ultimate goal is to develop buildings that produce as much energy as they use at a net zero cost (the marginal cost of financing the energy efficiency improvements is equal to or less than the cost of the energy savings).

Duncan Prahl
Innovation Programs Leader

Duncan Prahl is a registered architect and the Innovation Programs Leader at IBACOS Inc, a housing research and innovation company in Pittsburgh, PA. His primary responsibility is working with community developers to establish a process by which higher performance housing can be implemented throughout a master planned community. This involves analysis of the goals of the developer, local builder construction methods, development of performance standards, creating processes to implement standards, and supporting builders in the community through training. Additionally, Duncan manages extensive testing and monitoring of home energy performance, and performance of distributed energy systems. He is the program manager of a research program involving onsite power generation systems, including fuel cells and evaluating community scale power generation strategies. This work includes analyzing community scale energy performance, strategies for utilization of distributed energy resources, load aggregation, and characteristics of houses on a community scale. Duncan is also researching the application of Building America principles through state-based efforts in conjunction with Home Energy Rating providers and green building programs. Duncan has served on the Home Energy Ratings System Council's Technical Committee, developing uniform national guidelines for Home Energy Rating Systems (HERS), and on the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium's Infrastructure Committee. Duncan earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Rhode Island School of Design.

Sam Rashkin
ENERGY STAR Homes National Director
Environmental Protection Agency

Mr. Rashkin has managed ENERGY STAR for Homes since its launch in October 1995. Under his leadership, ENERGY STAR for Homes has grown exponentially to more than 2,500 builder partners and over 330,000 labeled homes. Currently, he is preparing to introduce a new EPA Indoor Air Quality label for the housing industry. Mr. Rashkin received his Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University; completed Masters of Urban Planning studies at New York University; and is a registered architect in California and New York. During his 20-plus years as a licensed architect, he specialized in energy efficient design and completed over 100 residential projects. He has also been responsible for developing and implementing market development programs at the California Energy Commission. Sam has prepared hundreds of articles, technical papers, reports, and seminars; contributed to numerous books; and has appeared on television and radio covering a wide variety of energy topics.

Kenneth Ripberger
National Energy Raters Association
A New Orleans native, Kenneth Ripberger has over thirty years experience with the HVAC/R contracting industry. In 2001 he became an independent, specializing in technical training and engineering support in that field. As his involvement in the private sector with mold assessment and building diagnostics increased, adding energy services made perfect sense. He has been an energy rater in the New Orleans area for the past 2 years.

David Roberts
Product Manager
Architectural Energy Corporation

David Roberts has been working in the area of energy efficiency in buildings since 1989. He holds degrees in environmental resources engineering and building systems engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado. He currently works for Architectural Energy Corporation, a firm specializing in energy information products and services. Mr. Roberts is the product manager for the REM/Rate home energy rating software and REM/Design home energy analysis software.

Jim Sargent
AndersonSargent Custom Builder LP

Jim has been building high performing homes for thirty years. He is a Building America builder and I was the first builder in the nation to be recognized as a Master Builder by the Energy & Environmental Building Association, EEBA . Pella and James Hardie use his endorsements in their national advertising program. His projects have been featured in the LA Times, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post to mention a few. This year, 2006, he was recognized as the NAHB's Energy Value Builder of the Year.

Steve Saunders
Chief Executive Officer
TexEnergy Solutions, Inc. & Tempo Mechanical Services, Inc.

Steve Saunders is the CEO of TexEnergy Solutions, Inc. and Tempo Mechanical Services, Inc. For 5 years, TexEnergy has been a provider of ENERGY STAR and Energy Code Services to production builders in Texas. TexEnergy Audit is a branch of the company that provides whole house energy evaluation services to existing homeowners in the DFW area. Tempo is an HVAC Contractor providing installation and warranty for production homebuilders and HVAC maintenance, repair and replacement for existing homeowners in the DFW area. The companies are widely owned by the people who work in the business and they operate with a philosophy of "Servant Leadership" - the best leaders lead by serving others.

Kristin Shewfelt
Program Manager
E-Star Colorado

Kristin works for E-Star Colorado, a RESNET-accredited HERS provider located in Denver, Colorado. She oversees and manages the development of both the technical and educational aspects of builder, rater and contractor programs designed to advance energy efficiency in new and existing residential housing. In her role with E-Star, Kristin also consults with the local Denver Metro Built Green Colorado Program as well as the US Green Building Council on their green building programs for new construction. Prior to working with E-Star, Kristin Shewfelt spent over eight years with a leading production builder of environmentally-friendly homes and communities as Director of Environmental Programs. She helped establish an EPA ENERGY STAR partnership in all their communities and managed the research and development of materials and material selection guidelines for building specifications.

Bill Spohn
HVAC/R Product Manager
Testo, Inc.

Bill Spohn is the HVAC/R Product Manager for Testo, Inc. - a global leader in hand held instrumentation. As such he is responsible for HVAC/R product marketing and technical support for North America. Bill is a graduate engineer with a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rochester. He is also a licensed Professional Engineer in Pennsylvania. Bill has been involved in product development for a number of manufacturers including Fisher Scientific, Bacharach, Inc., and Superior Valve Co. He holds three US patents in instrumentation design. Bill is a member of ASME, RSES and ASHRAE. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Gas Detection and Analysis Committee of GAMA and the President of the OilHeat Manufactures Association (OMA). Bill resides in the Pittsburgh, PA area with his wife six children.

Dennis Stroer

Dennis Stroer has been an air conditioning contractor since 1975. He owned and managed his own company since 1976. He is NBI certified for Test & Balance, certified by the State of Florida as a Class 1 Residential Rater, new Commercial Rater, and new Public Building Rater. Mr. Stroer sits on the advisory board for the Florida House Learning Center. Past President of the National Energy Raters Association and current President Elect of South Venice Rotary. He is certified by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America to teach Manual J-8, their latest HVAC load calculation program. In 1991 he opened a company called Calcs-Plus. Realizing that there was an increasing need for some one to provide a service that would perform HVAC load calculations and Energy calculations for the HVAC and construction industry for the permitting process. In 1998 he sold his HVAC company and concentrated on building Calcs-Plus. Today Calcs Plus provides a number of related services. They include HVAC load calculations & Energy calculations (residential and light commercial), HVAC system design (residential and light commercial), airside diagnostics, building diagnostics related to infiltration and moisture control, and Class 1 Energy Ratings for the Energy Star Program and the Florida Green Building certification. Calcs-Plus also provides training in various calculation and design procedures related to the HVAC industry.

Don Swift
Director of Home Energy Rating Services
MaGrann Associates
Don Swift is the Director of Home Energy Rating Services for MaGrann Associates, a New Jersey based Energy Engineering Company providing residential design, energy ratings, and quality control services for builders, architects, contractors and homeowners. Don, over the past 15 years has completed hundreds of building performance assessments for new and existing homes, supervised implementation of residential utility programs, trained contractors and developed manuals and specifications.

Todd Taylor
Senior Research Engineer
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Todd Taylor is a senior research engineer at the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He has 20 years' experience developing and analyzing residential energy codes, including HUD's Manaufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards, ASHRAE's Standard 90.2, DOE's various federal and voluntary energy standards, and the Model Energy Code/International Energy Conservation Code. He was a primary developer of DOE's MECcheck/REScheck code compliance software and has managed or contributed to the development of numerous DOE software tools for building energy analysis and/or energy code development. Mr. Taylor also specializes in large-scale simulation analysis, planning and analysis of building energy metering studies, and the computational aspects of analyzing large energy datasets.

Jeff Tiller
Technical Director
Appalachian State University Energy Center

Jeff Tiller directs the Construction Technology Department. During his time at ASU he has developed several new courses and developed a specialty in Building Science. In addition, he has developed a graduate program in construction technology and building science. Jeff serves as a Technical Director of the Energy Center at Appalachian State. One of his recent projects was to direct development of the North Carolina State Energy Plan. The comprehensive effort, in conjunction with the North Carolina Energy Policy Council and the North Carolina State Energy Office, resulted in over 90 recommendations for policies and programs in the state. He was a founder and served as President of the Southface Energy Institute, Inc. in Atlanta, GA -- a private, nonprofit corporation. Jeff has conducted hundreds of seminars, courses, workshops and presentations on energy conservation and solar energy applications in residential and commercial buildings. He has also written numerous builder guides on high performance homes for Southeastern states.

David Van Winkle
North Texas Sierra Club

David Van Winkle is a North Texas Sierra Club leader who represented the Club at the recent UN Climate Change Conference in Montreal. David is a retired Texas Instruments engineer and manager who is very interested in the role that home energy rating services and energy-upgrade providers might play in improving our existing housing stock and our new housing stock and our energy future.

Chandler von Schrader
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
Environmental Protection Agency

Chandler von Schrader has been involved in energy efficiency since 1981. Chandler has brought his experience to ENERGY STAR HVAC, Home Performance, and Remodeling energy efficiency endeavors to the ENERGY STAR Existing Homes Program.

Doug Walter
Kansas Building Science Institute

Doug Walter is President of Kansas Building Science Institute (KBSI), a building science training and consulting firm in Manhattan, Kans. He has taught building energy principles for more than 20 years. He serves on the RESNET board and helped to develop the national rater exam. KBSI is a RESNET-accredited rater training provider.

Daran Wastchak
D.R. Wastchak, L.L.C.

Daran Wastchak is the President of D.R. Wastchak, L.L.C., a firm based in Tempe, Arizona which specializing in residential energy efficiency and building science consulting. He has been a key implementer of the EPA's Energy Star for Homes program in the Phoenix market since 1996, first with the Del E. Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University, then with D.R. Wastchak, L.L.C since its founding in 1999. In addition to articles which have appeared in Home Energy magazine and the Arizona Journal of Real Estate and Business, Daran is a guest lecturer at Arizona State University; Scottsdale, Yavapai and Gateway Community Colleges; and the Arizona School of Real Estate. Daran has also given presentations at the annual conferences for the Energy and Environmental Building Association (EEBA), Affordable Comfort, Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), and Scottsdale Green Buildings Conference. Daran serves on the RESNET Board of Directors.

Joel Wiese
Indigo Financial Group

Joel Wiese is a Manager for Indigo Financial Group, a Michigan-based mortgage company, and an instructor at Lansing Community College. Passionate about energy conservation, he has been instrumental in creating awareness and access across the US for the commonly underutilized Energy Efficient Mortgages. Joel Wiese is personally responsible for closing the first Fannie Mae Energy Improvement Mortgages and Energy Efficient Mortgages ever to be done in the state of Michigan.

Keith Williams
Building Services & Consultant LLC

Keith Williams is the owner of Building Services & Consultant LLC, providing home performance evaluations and assessments for existing residential homes for the past five years. Has twenty years experience as an insulation contractor specializing in existing residential buildings. Keith is a qualified Wisconsin Home Performance Specialist, Certified Home Energy Rater and Outreach Specialist, providing class room and in-field home performance evaluation trainings.

David A. Wilson
Executive Director
Energy Rated Homes of Utah

David A. Wilson is currently the Executive Director of the Utah Energy Conservation Coalition/Energy Rated Homes of Utah (an IRS recognized 501c3 non-profit training and education organization). As the Director for the Coalition, David has been involved in providing statewide residential energy auditor training, Home Energy Rater Training (HERS), building up a viable sustainability/resource management program, as well as working with the state of Utah on residential and commercial energy code compliance and training. He has significant experience as a manager, administrator, trainer, and negotiator as well as extensive knowledge of local, state and federal government operations pertaining to energy issues and concerns. He has both a B.A. and an M.A. from the Brigham Young University (BYU) in Organizational Communications and Consulting. He has over twenty-five years experience in the housing industry with emphasis on energy conservation and efficiency for both new and existing homes. He has conducted numerous IECC training workshops involving hundreds of building officials, contractors, and design professionals throughout Utah and the Southwest. He has also developed numerous computer presentations and workshops detailing the interactive role of energy codes, the EPA Energy Star HOMES Program, and the HERS® program(s). He has been actively involved in the RESNET (Residential Energy Services NETwork) organization since its inception and currently serves as a member of the governing Board. He is nationally certified as a Home Energy Rater and Trainer, as well as a state certified Home Energy Auditor and Trainer. He is a member of the National Home Builders Association (NAHB), U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), the Energy & Environmental Builders Association (EEBA), as well as the International Codes Council (ICC).

Larry Zarker
Director of National Development
Building Performance Institute

Larry Zarker joined BPI in 2005, in a consulting capacity as the Director of National Development. Larry is President of MarketEdge Consulting. He focuses his practice on helping building industry clients accelerate acceptance of innovative building products and systems Larry worked for nearly twenty years with the NAHB Research Center and served as Vice President of Marketing for the past decade.

Joseph Ziegler, CPU, ARM
Vice President - Program Executive
Lockton Affinity, Inc.

Joe Ziegler has been with Lockton Companies for over eight years and has recently become the Program Executive for Lockton Affinity, Inc.'s Professional Liability business. While at Lockton, he has been heavily involved with various types of professional liability insurance and is currently in charge of a number of professional liability programs for clients that include allied health risks, attorneys, property realtors and home energy raters. Lockton Companies is the largest privately held insurance brokerage firm in the United States and provides services and programs to clients all over the country.