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2004 RESNET Conference

Presenter Bios

March 1-3, 2004
Shelter Pointe Hotel and Marina
San Diego, California

The following are bios of presenters at the 2004 RESNET Conference.  The bios are organized alphabetically by last name:

Ben Adams
Senior Vice President
MaGrann Associates
Ben Adams is a Senior Vice President of MaGrann Associates - an energy engineering firm based in Moorestown, New Jersey that provides building science based design and consulting services to the residential construction industry, as well as implementation support for ENERGY STAR® and utility sponsored energy efficiency programs. Ben is responsible for the company's business development functions, including its role as a HERS® Provider and its active participation in the Northeast HERS Alliance. Ben has over 16 years experience in the implementation and design of residential energy services and energy efficiency programs. Before joining MaGrann in 2000 he held the position of Residential Market Leader at Honeywell DMC, where he was instrumental in the development of a variety of initiatives, including comprehensive low income programs based on whole-house approaches. Ben began his career in energy efficiency with the Conservation Department of the New Zealand Ministry of Energy. Ben currently sits on the Board of Directors of both RESNET and Affordable Comfort Inc.

Claudia Ahrens
Public Affairs Director

Claudia Ahrens has over 12 years of experience directing and managing financing programs, technical projects, legislative policy and budget initiatives, grant and loan programs, staff development, agency strategic planning, marketing and recruitment efforts for a variety of public agencies.

Ren Anderson
Building America Project Leader
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Ren joined NREL in 1983 as a "post doc" to conduct research on thermal transport in solar buildings. Through the years Ren's interest in building research expanded rapidly including managing NREL's projects for passive solar systems integration, advanced switchable window coatings, residential building energy design tools, advanced desiccant cooling and heat recovery systems, and residential air distribution system performance. Working with industry partners and DOE, Ren was a key driving force behind the initiation of the Building America program, now one of the largest research elements in DOE's buildings research portfolio. Ren was a co-recipient of a patent in 2001 for "Vehicle Cabin Cooling System for Capturing and Exhausting Heated Boundary Layer Air from Inner Surfaces of Solar Heated Windows" and has received several awards through the years including the MRI President's Award for Exceptional Performance in 1993, U.S. Department of Energy's Recognition Award for development of the Thermal Test Facility in 1995, and an Outstanding Accomplishment Award for his contributions towards completion of the Thermal Test Facility in 1996. Ren is an active member of several building science organizations including ASME, ASHRAE, the Denver NAHB, NCHI (the National Council for the Housing Industry, and is a reviewer for Colorado's Annual Energy Star Homes Award Program. Ren was a member and vice-chairman of ASHRAE's Standard 129, Measurement of Ventilation Effectiveness (released in 2002) and has published a large number of technical papers on natural convection in enclosures, momentum transport in turbulent jets, convective energy transport in passive solar buildings, and interactions between ventilation and Indoor Air Quality.

Steve Andrews
Senior Technical Director
E-Star Colorado

Steve Andrews is a Denver-based energy consultant and free-lance writer. He works primarily in the residential sector and is very active with the Denver Homebuilders' association and with the state's home energy rating system--E-Star of Colorado. His work ranges broadly, from co-chairing CORE's World Oil Forum in 1998, to working with the Fort Collins Utilities, code officials and Habitat for Humanity. Last year he co-authored the draft report to Colorado Legislature, for the Colorado PUC, regarding the findings by the state's Electricity Advisory Panel about whether or not to restructure the state's electricity industry. A near-term writing project explores national energy policy options.

John Ashe
Senior Associate
ICF Consulting, Inc.
John Ashe, a Senior Associate with ICF Consulting Inc., has worked in conjunction with the ENERGY STAR Homes program for the past four years. John began his career spending two years working in Virginia with EPA's national ENERGY STAR implementation efforts. Heeding the call of "Go west young man", he has spent the past two years in Texas working with investor owned utilities, including Oncor, CenterPoint Energy, and Entergy implementing ENERGY STAR Homes programs in response to deregulation and PUC mandates for achieving peak demand savings. Two of these utility programs are multi-year winners of the EPA Partner of the Year Awards. Current estimates indicate that over 40,000 ENERGY STAR Homes are to be built in Texas in 2004 due to the Market Transformation programs currently underway. Throughout his time in Texas, John has contributed to the design, implementation, and evaluation of several utility-sponsored quality control initiatives. Additionally, John currently serves on RESNET's quality control subcommittee.

Steve Baden
Executive Director

Steve Baden has worked in the residential energy efficiency field for over twenty five years, including eighteen years with home energy ratings and energy mortgages on both the state and national levels, and ten years administering a state energy office. Mr. Baden initiated the "Warm Homes for Alaskans Initiative" which received the ""1993 National Award for the Most Outstanding State Housing Program"" from the National Council of State Housing Agencies. Steve was also awarded "Lifetime Achievement Awards" from the U.S. Department of Energy and RESNET.

Patrick Bailey

Mr. Bailey is one of the founders of GeoPraxis and specializes in building energy analysis, simulation techniques, building monitoring and commercial building design assistance. He has carried out detailed analyses of hundreds of commercial buildings across the United States, and developed energy efficiency training programs for utility staff, home inspectors and fellow engineers. Mr. Bailey is a current member and past president of the Redwood Empire Section of ASHRAE. Prior to working as an engineer, Pat was a founding member of Minnesotans for an Energy Efficient Economy (ME3) and served for two years as a Peace Corps science teacher in Botswana, Africa. Mr. Bailey has a BSc degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Minnesota, a certificate in energy management from Sonoma State University, and is a California Registered Professional Engineer.

Cece Barros
Program Manager for California ENERGY STAR New Homes Program
Pacific Gas & Electic
Cece has spent half of her career working on field implementation of various energy efficiency programs. For the past 7 years she has managed the Residential New Construction programs. She has a B.A. in Management from St. Mary's College.

Doug Beaman
Douglas Beaman Associates
Doug is the owner of Douglas Beaman Associates, a Modesto, California based energy consulting firm. Douglas Beaman Associates coordinates the California Home Energy Efficiency Rating Service (CHEERS) new construction Quality Assurance program. Doug developed the training curriculum that was approved by the California Energy Commission for certification of CHEERS raters for new construction and is the lead trainer for the new construction-training program. Doug has over 20 years of experience in the energy conservation field working with builders, architects, homeowner and of course home inspection/verification raters.

Mitch B. Bieker
Loan Officer
HomeFirst Mortgage Corporation
Mitch has been in the financial industry for the past 13 years. He was a Branch Manager for Branch Banking & Trust (BB&T) in Washington D.C. and is currently employed at HomeFirst Mortgage Corp. as a Loan Officer specializing in Energy Efficient Mortgages. Mitch has a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration from George Mason University.

David R. Blanke
Program Manager of California ENERGY STAR Homes Program
Southern California Gas / San Diego Gas and Electric
Mr. Blanke is a Market Advisor with Southern California Gas Company. For over twelve years, he has served as a liaison with the residential building industry and is the Program Manager of the California ENERGY STAR Homes Program for Southern California Gas and San Diego Gas & Electric. Prior to Southern California Gas, Mr. Blanke was a Lecturer at the University of California Santa Barbara and Managing Editor for the Environmental Studies Institute in Santa Barbara.

Michael Brown
Senior Marketing Manager
MaGrann Associates
Michael Brown, Senior Marketing Manager, has more than five years experience in residential energy efficiency programs. He is MaGrann Associates' marketing team leader (as it relates to ENERGY STAR programs administered for our utility clients). While his background includes finance, sales training, administration, and quality assurance, his strengths have been in the area of sales and marketing, and relationship building. In marketing ENERGY STAR programs, he has drawn on his extensive experience working with the housing industry, government agencies, and the lending community. Mike has gained a high level of expertise with urban municipalities and the affordable housing market. He has assisted in the development of marketing strategies, tactical planning and implementation of utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs. His work with government agencies has resulted in ENERGY STAR certification becoming the standard to be met for state-funded residential, projects, as well as from municipal housing authorities and redevelopment agencies. His relationships with the affordable housing community including non-profits and faith based organizations, has helped transform the segment of the housing industry to energy efficiency at a rapid rate. Mike has also successfully developed and implemented ENERGY STAR training programs for architects, realtors, builders, and the lending community.

Steve Byers
EnergySmiths, Inc.
Steve Byers is the President of EnergySmiths Inc., a Colorado based energy services organization primarily serving the residential construction industry. Leaving the Air Force after flying for five years, Steve got involved in the building science industry working for Southface Energy Institute in Atlanta. Relocating in 1997 to Colorado, Steve started EnergySmiths. It's been a labor of love and EnergySmiths has grown into the largest energy rating company in Colorado.

Jim Cavallo
Kouba-Cavallo Associates, Inc.
Jim Cavallo is the principal at Kouba-Cavallo Associates, Inc., a consulting firm helping clients find sustainable solutions to housing, environmental, and community economic development challenges while growing local jobs and community-based businesses. He is the northern Illinois agent for the Illinois HERS program and a Chicago-area rater. Jim also is an associate editor of Home Energy Magazine where he writes on innovative housing technologies and energy efficiency. Jim holds a Ph.D. in economics from New York University.

Barbara Collins
Executive Director
Energy Rated Homes of the West
Ms. Collins has over 15 years of experience in home energy ratings, energy mortgages and organization management. Her work has been featured on the nationally broadcast television program "Today's Environment", and was honored by the U.S. Department of Energy with its "National Energy Award" Renew America with its "National Award". In 2000, the Mortgage Bankers Association of America featured Ms. Collins in its "Market Trends" series to discuss the link between housing affordability and energy efficiency. Ms. Collins was also presented with the 2001 Lifetime Achievement Award, by the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).

Michelle Desiderio
Senior Product Developer
Fannie Mae
Michelle Desiderio is a Senior Product Developer for Fannie Mae's Product Innovation Department in the Housing and Community Development Division. In that role she is responsible for a number of programs including Fannie Mae's Housing and Environment Initiative. That Initiative includes two mortgage products that reward home buyers who chose resource efficient homes: the Energy Efficient Mortgage and the Smart Commute TM Initiative. In addition, Michelle has developed a residential emissions trading pilot that creates value for the reduction in pollution from residential energy efficiency. Michelle has a degree in Environmental Policy from the College of Environmental Science and Forestry and a Masters' in Urban Planning from the University of Virginia.

Ann Edminster
U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Homes Committee
Ann Edminster, M.Arch., is an environmental design consultant and educator whose work focuses on investigation and evaluation of building materials and systems. She is co-chair of the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Homes Committee and past co-chair of the LEED Materials & Resources Technical Advisory Group. She is co-author of Efficient Wood Use In Residential Construction: A Practical Guide to Saving Wood, Money, and Forests and has been an invited speaker at dozens of regional and national green building conferences over the past decade. Her background includes more than 25 years of work as a residential designer.

Megan Edmunds
Program Manager
E-Star Colorado
Megan Edmunds is the manager of E-Star Colorado. She oversees and manages all aspects of the program including its technical, communications, marketing, and administrative aspects. Megan is responsible for working with the E-Star Board of Directors to set policy for the organization. Megan also makes strategic alliances with outside organizations and companies to promote the cause of residential energy efficiency. Megan's background includes 8 years of program evaluation and policy analysis experience with the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority. She has a B.A. and M.A. in political science, a certification in economic development finance. Born and raised in Alaska, she has been a Colorado resident for 23 years.

Richard Faesy
Project Manager
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation
Richard works as part of the Planning and Evaluation Team at the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation in Burlington, Vermont. He specializes in residential buildings and technology, with a focus on new construction, green building, home energy ratings and energy efficiency financing. He is actively involved with clients in New York, Massachusetts, Vermont and other states. Prior to 2000, he was responsible for the administrative and developmental functions of Energy Rated Homes of Vermont and Vermont's Energy Mortgage (EM) Programs since their inception in 1986. He has been active nationally in many Home Energy Rating System (HERS)/EM efforts including starting and managing the Northeast HERS Alliance, and working with the Department of Energy (DOE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Energy Rated Homes of America, the HERS Council, the National Collaborative on HERS and EEMs and other initiatives. He has also been involved with numerous energy policy efforts including the adoption of Vermont's first Energy Code, development of a Vermont residential mechanical ventilation standard, and development of the Vermont Built Green rating system. Richard was featured in a national Dateline/NBC story on energy efficiency in 2001 and was also awarded RENSET's Lifetime Achievement Award. He has published numerous articles and speaks frequently at national conferences and meetings. In his spare time, Richard keeps his small farm going, produces maple syrup, telemark skis with his family in the winter, coaches soccer and baseball, and spends time on the water in kayak and sailboat in the summer.

Philip Fairey
Interim Director
Florida Solar Energy Center
Philip Fairey is Interim Director of the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC). In 1980, Mr. Fairey initiated the building science research program at FSEC. Since then, he has had primary responsibility for 30 major building science research contracts totaling more than $11 million. He has extensive experimental and analytical expertise in the fields of moisture transport and control, pressure and air flow control, indoor air quality (IAQ), building envelope systems, cooling and dehumidification systems, natural ventilation systems, energy-efficient building design, industrialized housing systems, utility Demand Side Management (DSM), building energy-efficiency rating systems, and computer simulation and modeling. Mr. Fairey conceived and developed the Florida Building Energy-Efficiency Rating System and led the development of EnergyGauge, a user-friendly, windows-based software tool for code compliance, energy ratings and economic analysis. He also initiated and led the development of a sophisticated building simulation software research tool, FSEC 3.0, capable of accurately simulating complex building science phenomena in detail. He has received two US Patents in the field of photocatalytic detoxification. Mr. Fairey is a member of ASHRAE where he has served as Research Subcommittee Chairman of TC 4.4 on Thermal and Moisture Retarders, and as Chairman of TC 4.9 on Building Envelope Systems and is currently serving on SPC 140, "Standard Method of Test for the Evaluation of Building Energy Analysis Computer Programs." He has also served as a member of ASTM C-16, where he chaired the Task Group that developed ASTM Standard C-1158 on Radiant Barrier Systems. He is a affiliate member of the National Association of State Energy Offices (NASEO) and served as a member of the National HERS Council Technical Committee and the Technical, and Accreditation Committees of NASEO. He currently serves on the Florida Building Commission Energy Technical Advisory Committee and on a number of RESNET committees where he is chairman of the Training Providers Accreditation Committee, Co-chair of the Standards Drafting Committee and Chairman of the Software Accreditation Subcommittee on the rating method. He is a founding member of the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC).

Tracy Fogelsong
Tracy has been in the energy analysis field since the early '80s providing Title-24 and Model Enery Code Calculation documentation. I became certified as a CHEERS rater in 2001 and a HERS rater in the State of NV in 2002 and have been working with production builders certifing to date over 300 Energy Star Homes. For the past year and a half I have been involved in the Nevada Housing Division's Multi-Family Bond Financing Program and the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program which consists of re-hab and new construction in the State of Nevada. I am currently serving on the RESNET board of directors.

Ken Fonorow
Florida HERO
Ken Fonorow, president of Florida HERO, has been involved in building science and energy conservation for over 25 years as an energy analyst, consultant, problem solver, and is experienced in residential mechanical systems design and installation. Mr. Fonorow's diverse background includes pioneering work in the development of software for energy auditing, blower-door technology and "Green" construction codes. In addition to being guest speaker, Ken teaches Continuing Education courses in energy conservation at Santa Fe Community College. He is the vice-chair of the Gainesville Energy Advisory Committee, serves on the Board of Directors of the Gainesville Builders Association, and past president of the National Energy Raters Association. Mr. Fonorow has won awards for his contributions to building science and energy efficiency at the local, state, and national levels including the 1999, 2000, and 2001 "Florida Rater of the Year", the 1999 EPA ENERGY STAR "Ally of the Year". Ken is a member of the Habitat for Humanity "Green Team".

Bobbi Glassel
Northern California Energy Improvement Center
Bobbi Glassel & Associates
Bobbi Glassel operates an Energy Efficient Mortgage Service Company based in California's Sacramento Valley. She is directly responsible for helping many California families save money on their monthly utility cost while increasing their quality of life by implementing the Energy Efficient Mortgage Program with FHA, VA, Fannie Mae financing. Working with homebuyers, mortgage lenders and Realtors to coordinate the Energy Efficient Mortgage documentation and the installation of Cost Effective energy improvements. She has been in a real estate related business for over 2 decades and has given countless Energy Efficient Mortgage training to real estate offices, mortgage companies, Board of Realtors, First Time Homebuyer's and community groups, she is also accredited to give California Department of Real Estate continuing education credits. She participated in the 2003 California Energy Commission meetings on how the Energy Efficient Mortgage can increase energy efficiency in existing housing. The Energy Efficient Mortgage may just be California's answer to increasing energy efficiency existing housing and decreasing pollution in our communities at no cost to the state.

David B. Goldstein
Co-Director, Energy Program
Natural Resources Defense Council
David B. Goldstein has worked on energy efficiency and energy policy since the early 1970s. Dr. Goldstein has been instrumental in the development of energy efficiency standards for new buildings and appliances that are currently in effect at the regional and national level, both in the United States and in Russia. Dr. Goldstein negotiated the agreement that led to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 1987, and has helped design and direct energy efficiency programs with utilities and state regulatory agencies. He was a founding director of the Consortium for Energy Efficiency and the New Buildings Institute. David B. Goldstein initiated and directed research on how urban structure affects the usage of automobiles, and originated the Location Efficient Mortgage to implement the results. David B. Goldstein received a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley, and is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the recipient of its 1998 Leo Szilard Award for Physics in the Public Interest. He was awarded a MacArthur fellowship in 2002. David is a member of the RESNET Board of Directors.

Robert W. Hammon, Ph.D.
Rob Hammon has over 20 years of experience in energy-efficient design and construction. He has pioneered energy efficiency as a market driver for quality construction, and market-driven, voluntary energy-efficiency programs. He is responsible for quality-construction protocols for insulation, air sealing, windows, and heating, cooling and ventilation systems. He has also developed builder protocols for use and installation of residential photovoltaic systems. Rob has had primary responsibility for developing and delivering the nationally recognized Builder Energy Code Training Program provided by the Building Industry Institute. For the Building America program, Rob has assembled an extensive team called the Building Industry Research Alliance who will work to help production builders build homes 40% to 70% more efficient than typical new homes. The goal of the Zero Energy Home program is to be building communities by 2010 that generate as much energy as they consume. Rob currently has four builders building communities that are well on their way toward this goal.

Bruce Harley
Technical Director
Conservation Services Group
Bruce Harley, Technical Director of Conservation Services Group in Westborough, MA, is involved in management, research, design consulting, and HERS policy development. His extensive hands-on experience informs his trainings on building science, energy efficient construction, energy codes and ratings, HVAC, air quality and moisture. His book, Insulate and Weatherize, was published in September 2002 by The Taunton Press.

Stephanie Harmon
Progress Associates
Business and Strategy Architecting Management Consultant, with experience and expertise to assist clients who may be experiencing financial difficulty, expanding, starting-up, in need of financing, or in some stage of growth or change. Areas of focus:

  • Advising through an organizational transition or restructuring,
  • Assisting in capital raising and investment fund development,
  • Assisting in the development of fund program criteria,
  • Assisting in the development of lending policies and procedures,
  • Advising a CEO, CFO or COO on an ‘as needed basis',
  • Filling the role of CEO, CFO or COO on an interim or transitional basis,

Kathy Howard
Division Manager
Energy Sense Systems
Kathy Howard is the founder of Energy Sense, recently acquired by Masco Corporate Services. Kathy now acts as Division Manager and responsible for the Marketing and Production of Energy Sense in Texas. Energy Sense is a consulting and energy codes and Energy Star inspection firm. Kathy is both a Master Certified Rater for the Engineered for Life and Environment for Living programs, and a Certified Energy Star Provider. As a Ratings Provider with a staff of 30, Energy Sense is working with David Weekley, Emerald Builders, Hammonds Homes, Newmark Homes, MHI and Partners in Building, Kimball Hills Homes and Royce Homes, DR Horton, Perry Homes and Pulte Homes, along with some local Custom Builders in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. Kathy spent 20 years in Marketing with Reliant Energy HL&P in the Residential Sector. Accomplishments included the development and implementation of programs targeted at the residential consumer. Kathy's experience spans from business planning and implementation to contract negotiations for programs including Energy Experts, Economic Development and Good Cents program (an energy efficiency new homes construction program targeted at Builders).

Darin Hughes
Hughesco, Inc.
Darin started a small remodeling company and built it up over the last 13 years into a formidable restoration/new-build/Energy Star firm. With a fully comprehensive Energy Star program, sales increased 400% in the last year.

George S. James
Building America Program Manager
U.S. Department of Energy
Mr. George S. James is an Architect at the U.S. Department of Energy, DOE, and manages the Building America Program in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. This cost-shared program works with the building industry to research, develop, and construct energy efficient, comfortable, healthy, environmentally sensitive, affordable houses and community developments. In 1996, Mr. James was awarded the Professional Achievement Award for Public/Private Sector Partnering (the Building America Program) by Professional Builder Magazine and the 1996 Professional Service Award by the Energy Efficient Building Association. The engineering science and architecture background of Mr. James includes study with Frank Lloyd Wright under a scholarship at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona (1952-1953) and subsequent participation in the construction of several buildings designed by Mr. Wright in California. Before coming to DOE in 1988, Mr. James was a Physical Scientist at the National Science Foundation, NSF, in Washington, D.C., for over a decade, and managed solar energy, applied research, engineering, technology transfer, and information science programs. Mr. James began his east coast career, in 1971, at the National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution, when he was chosen to conduct the feasibility study that concluded Washington, D.C. was the best site for construction of the present museum structure. Prior to coming to Washington, D.C., Mr. James had spent several decades at the Aerojet-General Liquid Rocket Company in Sacramento, California, involved in the development of liquid rocket space propulsion systems including the Apollo Service Module engine.

Mark Jansen
Energy Efficient Homes Midwest
Mark Jansen administers the Energy Efficient Homes Midwest program that conducts energy ratings in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. Previously Mark administered the Energy Rated Homes Midwest program that conducted over 7000 energy ratings in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. Energy Rated Homes Midwest has received the EPA Energy Star "Ally of the Year Award" for Technical Support in 1998 & 1999. He began the program during his thirteen year tenure with the Indiana Department of Commerce, Energy Policy Division. Prior to working for state government Mark performed over 5000 residential energy audits under contract to a local utility in Indianapolis. He attended Jordan Energy Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mark is the past President of Energy Rated Homes of America and is a member of the Energy Subcommittee of the National Association of Home Builders.

Bill Klotz
Program Manager
Advanced Energy
As program manager for Advanced Energy, Bill Klotz is responsible for developing and managing activities centered on the goal of implementing High Performance Home standards into subsidized housing by centering on bill guarantee programs. The initial focus is on North Carolina and surrounding states. Klotz works closely with local and state organizations Habitat for Humanity affiliates and non-profits, to expedite the attainment of program goals and to have a positive and needed impact on new building practices in the assisted housing industry. In addition to developing growing program policies, Klotz coordinates the execution of such activities as plan review, standards and specification writing, contractor and sub-contractor training, on-site consulting and quality assurance, performance testing and certification of homes, issuance and support of comfort and heating/cooling energy use guarantees, and homebuyer education. Klotz holds a bachelor's of science degree in conservation of natural resources from North Carolina State University and is a licensed general contractor in North Carolina.

Jim Larsen
Director, Technology Marketing
Cardinal Glass Industries
Jim has the unusual title of "Director, Technology". Relying on his 20+ years of experience in the research and development of glass products, Jim's primary responsibility is supporting the recognition of energy efficient windows through codes at both the state and national level. Jim also provides product support through website development, product brochures, on-site training, and building energy research. Mr. Larsen has a mechanical engineering degree, is a member of ASHRAE, a past chairman of the ASTM insulating glass subcommittee, and is currently on the board of directors for the National Fenestration Rating Council.

David Lee
Environmental Protection Agency Residential Branch
David Lee currently is the Director for the Residential Branch, overseeing the ENERGY STAR New and Existing Homes Program. Prior to the ENERGY STAR Program, David was the branch chief responsible for the regulatory program to phase out the use of ozone depleting chemicals.

Terry Lenhart
Advanced Energy of Wisconsin
Terry Lenhart is the owner of Advanced Energy of Wisconsin, a consulting firm specializing in high performance residential construction and energy efficiency financing. He was instrumental in developing the ENERGY STAR® Mortgage in Wisconsin. Advanced Energy of Wisconsin provides its services to builders, trades, lenders, appraisers, and consumers. Terry is involved in energy program development and currently serves as a Regional Coordinator for Focus on Energy's Wisconsin ENERGY STAR® Homes program. His vast field experience and his building science expertise qualify him as a leader in Wisconsin's building science community. Terry has extensive experience in the Home Energy Rating field where he has made significant contributions to studies such as the Energy Center of Wisconsin's Residential Characterization Project. In addition, Terry participated in the 1998 Home Energy Rating Service / Uniform Dwelling Code Work Group, which facilitated REM/Rate's recognition as a state approved code compliance tool. Terry uses his 25 year background in the HVAC industry to provide technical assistance to builders and their subcontractors. He serves as a technical trainer for other energy and building consultants in Wisconsin. He has been a presenter at national building conferences such as Affordable Comfort and Residential Energy Services Network.

Joseph Lstiburek
Building Science Corporation
Joseph Lstiburek is a principal of Building Science Corporation. He is a forensic engineer who investigates building failures and is internationally recognized as an authority on moisture related building problems and indoor air quality. He is a member of ASTM and the past chairman of ASTM E241 - Increasing the Durability of Building Assemblies from Moisture Induced Damage. He is a contributor and reviewer of Chapters 21 and 22 of ASHRAE Fundamentals. He is a voting member of the ASHRAE Standard 62 - Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality. He is also a voting member of ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.3 Ventilation Requirements and Infiltration and ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.4 Building Materials and Building Envelope Performance. He is one of the world's foremost authorities on energy efficient construction techniques and heads one of the four Building America program teams for the U.S. Department of Energy. Joe also serves on the RESNET Board of Directors.

Danny Parker
Principal Research Scientist
Florida Solar Energy Center
Danny Parker is Principal Research Scientist at the Florida Solar Energy Center. He specializes in collecting and analyzing measured data taken from residential and commercial buildings to determine how efficiency and renewable sources can lower energy needs. Parker has spent the last twenty-four years of his career in the field of energy-efficiency research with the last 14 at FSEC. He has been involved in a variety of evaluations of advanced technologies in buildings, from detailed laboratory studies to large-scale utility monitoring projects. He holds a Master's Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Montana.

Lee O'Neal
NSpects, Ltd.

  • 23 years in residential, light commercial and land development. 3rd generation builder, 12 years as a home inspector, and 2.5 years building performance testing.
  • Consultant to Arlington County, Va. Green Building Program;
  • Member of RESNET since Nov. 1991
  • Home Energy Rating Provider 1998-051,
  • RESNET Board of Directors
  • Serving on following RESNET Sub-Committees: Lighting, and Appliances Technical Subcommittee Renewable Energy Technical Subcommittee Rating Provider Quality Assurance Committee Planning Committee of 2004 RESNET Conference

Kelly Parker
Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems, Inc.
Kelly Parker, P.E. is the owner and president of Guaranteed Watt Saver Systems - West, Inc., a national energy, engineering, consulting and inspection firm which has received the EPA Partner of the Year Award for 2001 and 2003 and an EEBA Technical Achievement Award for 2003. Guaranteed Watt Saver has an employee base of over 45 employees devoted to assisting builders and homeowners apply a comprehensive application of building science principles. Kelly has over 15 years experience as a Professional Engineer in multiple states. Clients include municipalities, insurance carriers, builders, architects and numerous private firms and individuals. He has specialized in inspecting and reporting the physical condition and cost of repairing residential and commercial buildings for buyers, sellers, lenders and insurers. For the last thirteen years, he has specialized in energy efficiency of residential structures addressing HVAC design, performance and air infiltration testing and control.

G. William Pennington
Manager of Building Standards Development
California Energy Commission
Bill has worked in program supervision and management roles at the Commission, most of which related directly to development and implementation of the Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24, Part 6), since 1979. For five of those years, he was advisor to the "Scientist" Commissioner, and provided advise to all five Commissioners on energy efficiency issues. He was the manager of the Commission's 2001 (AB 970) Building Standards project and currently manages the 2005 Building Standards project. He also is the manager of the Commission's Home Energy Rating System Program, which has adopted regulations for HERS providers and raters to provide third party field verification and diagnostic testing services required for compliance credit for certain measures in California's Building Energy Efficiency Standards. He has developed the Commission's positions to the National Association of State Energy Offices and U.S. Department of Energy on HERS rating and accreditation procedures, and has participated in the development of the California Energy Star Homes program, which is based on California's Building Energy Efficiency Standards and HERS Program regulations. Mr. Pennington has a B.S. in Business Administration/Operations Research from the University of California at Berkeley, completed teaching credential coursework at Washington State University, and MBA coursework at California State University, Sacramento.

Edward Pollock
Team Leader of Residential Buildings Team
Office of Building Technology
U.S. Department of Energy
Mr. Edward Pollock is the Team Leader of Residential Buildings Research Team in the Office of Building Technology. The residential research program includes research to improve residential building energy efficiency through whole building systems engineering, development of design tools, work with the national building code organizations to improve the model energy codes and maintenance of the Federal building energy efficiency codes. Current research is focused on achieving building designs that use 50 per cent to 100 per cent (net zero buildings) less energy than the Model Energy Code.

Prior to assuming his current position at DOE, Mr. Pollock served as Director of the Building Research and Standards Office and as an appliance standards program manager responsible for refrigeration and air conditioning energy efficiency standards.

Previous experience includes: test and evaluation of active and passive building solar systems; safety and quality assurance engineering for NASA space shuttle and space station systems; installation inspection and testing of U.S. Postal Service sorting systems; support services to the Navy Fleet Ballistic Missile new construction and overhaul programs; president of Damascus Energy Savers, a non-profit organization which conducted energy audits of church facilities and; board of directors/chairman of the building committee of Montgomery Habitat for Humanity.

Duncan Prahl
Innovation Programs Leader
Duncan Prahl is the Innovation Programs Leader at IBACOS Inc., a building science research and consulting firm based in Pittsburgh, PA. Duncan's primary responsibility is researching the process by which widespread local implementation of higher performance homes using Building America research results can be achieved, in conjunction with Home Energy Raters and Green Building programs. He also works with community developers to establish a process by which higher performance housing can be implemented by a number of builders throughout a master planned community. Duncan specializes in residential and commercial building design and construction management, building performance issues including energy, moisture and air transport, building science training, and project management.

Dave Porter
1st Vice President, National Builder Division
Countrywide Home Loans
Dave Porter is 1st Vice President of the National Builder Division for Countrywide Home Loans in the Pacific Northwest states covering AK, WA, OR and ID. Dave has been in the real estate industry since 1979. Formerly as a Realtor, top loan officer, corporate trainer, and mortgage company branch manager. He has spoken nationally and internationally for several groups including: the National Association of Home Builders, National Association of Realtors, Mortgage Bankers Association, The National Green Building Conference as well as numerous state and local home builders associations. Mr. Porter has written for various trade papers on finance, energy efficiency, green construction, marketing and selling-skills topics. He received an NAHB Merit Award for a Sales & Marketing Idea of the Year submission in 2002. He is active with the Master Builders Associations and he serves on the Board of Directors for St. Andrew's Housing Group, a non-profit provider of low to moderate-income housing.

John B. Richardson
Senior Vice President
Countrywide Home Loans
John B. Richardson is Senior Vice President of Builder Support at Countrywide Home Loans' National Builder Division. In this position, Richardson is responsible for new home builder-oriented loan production support services. Richardson works closely with the loan origination sales and operations staff to deliver state-of-the-art services and programs to the new home industry. As a 25-year veteran in the national residential lending industry, Richardson was previously the President and Chief Operating Officer at Action Mortgage Company, a subsidiary of Sterling Savings Bank dedicated to residential construction and permanent lending. Richardson also held executive and senior positions with new home lending organizations such as Weyerhaeuser Mortgage Company, First California Mortgage Company and Security Pacific Bank.

Daniel A. Rizzo
Director, Contractor Channel
US GreenFiber LLC
Dan is the Director Contractor Channel for US GreenFiber LLC based in Charlotte NC. He is responsible for sales and market development for Cocoon® insulation in the Contractor segment. Cocoon is also sold in Manufactured Housing and Retail though Lowe's and Home Deport stores. Cocoon insulation is produced from recycled paper fiber or cellulose. GreenFiber is the largest national cellulose manufacturer with 10 plants located across the US. Prior to his current role, Dan held the position of Director Product and Market Development at GreenFiber. Prior to joining GreenFiber, Dan held several management positions that include: Business Group Vice President, Director New Products, Director of Purchasing, Director Sales and Marketing, Marketing Manager, Systems Consultant and Accounting Manager. Dan received his undergraduate degree in Accounting from LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA, and he received his MSA in Business from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana Illinois. In addition to is role managing the Contractor Channel, Dan is also Program Manager for Engineered For Life® (EFL). Engineered For Life is a performance building process for builders designed to provide a continuous improvement process for building a healthy, safe, durable, comfortable and energy efficient home. Engineered For Life is about improvement focused on training and the integration of applied building science principles.

Dave Roberts
REM/Rate Product Manager
Architectural Energy Corporation
David Roberts has been working in the area of energy efficiency in buildings since 1989. He holds degrees in environmental resources engineering and building systems engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado. He currently works for Architectural Energy Corporation, a firm specializing in energy information products and services. Mr. Roberts is the product manager for the REM/Rate home energy rating software and REM/Design home energy analysis software.

Mike Rogers
Home Performance with ENERGY STAR
Mike Rogers is a consultant providing program development and management support to the U.S. EPA's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. He worked for EPA's indoor air and ENERGY STAR programs and now consults on energy efficiency and public health issues.

Robert J. Sahadi
Vice President for Product Development and Technology
Fannie Mae
Robert J. Sahadi is Fannie Mae's vice president for product development and technology. Mr. Sahadi is responsible for developing innovative products and technology solutions that meet special housing and financial needs. His department developed the Home Keeper reverse mortgage and HomeStyle rehabilitation products and is currently working on a number of new products ideas that involve energy efficiency, green building, and carbon reduction credit trading. Mr. Sahadi joined Fannie Mae in July 1987 as vice president for mortgage-backed securities (MBS) investor marketing, and was responsible for MBS investor marketing programs for both the domestic and international investment communities. He assumed his current position in 1991. Prior to joining Fannie Mae, Mr. Sahadi was chief economist and director of policy at the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. There, he was responsible for thrift regulatory policy FSLIC regulation, and financial product research. From 1981 to 1985, he was chief financial planner for the Federal Home Bank System. Mr. Sahadi also worked for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the New Communities Development Corporation, and was a management fellow in the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

Gayle Sampson
Mid-West Building Diagnostics
Gayle Sampson, president and owner of Mid-West Building Diagnostics (MWBD), and Principle of BuildSolve, Inc. an non-profit organization devoted to education and training in building science, has been promoting energy efficiency and building performance, as well as providing building diagnostic consulting and training services since 1995. She has been involved with the design of the IECC, MEC/RES, COM and ASHRAE energy code curricula as well as involved in energy code training in the State of Ohio. Past clients include non-profit housing groups, utilities, builders, insulation trade organization members, code officials, and individual homeowners throughout Ohio. She has been a national speaker at the Affordable Comfort Conference for the past several years. Gayle also provides training and support for the U.S. Department of Energy's Motor Challenge and Air Challenge programs. Professional affiliations include: Board of Directors/member of RESNET, member of: NERA, BOCA International, the HBA, the BBB, and EPAEnergy Star® Homes Partner. She is certified as a Home Energy Rater, a Residential Mechanical Ventilation Installation consultant, an ALA Health House consultant and a CO Analyst. She is currently developing an interactive series of Web-based Building Codes that will be availble through the Ohio Construction Industry Examining Board, Ohio Board of Building Standards, along with BuildSolve's other Principles. Commercial and industrial clients of MWBD have included AMCAST, Delphi, Alpha Mold, Dayton Reliable Tool, Enginetics, Appleton Papers, Corning, AMP Ohio and its affiliate industries, and Montgomery County's Public Works, Sanitation Plants and Recycling Center.

Robby Schwarz
BuiltWright, Inc.
Robby Schwarz, President and Founder of BuiltWright Inc., began the company in 1995 under the name HomeOwner's Resource and Diagnostics. The name was changed in 2002 to reflect a desire to promote the Systems Thinking approach to home construction, whether building new, remodeling, or upgrading. BuiltWright, Inc. specializes in the latest building diagnostic techniques to understand how a house is performing, such as blower door, duct blasting, and zone testing. The company prides itself on its ability to transfer information to its clients in a meaningful and understandable way, from research and testing, to E-Star Home Energy Ratings, Built Green evaluations, and general energy consulting. Robby's strong belief in the fundamentals of building science and the synergies that can be created through Systems Thinking has made BuiltWright, Inc. one of the leading home performance companies in the state of Colorado. The name BuiltWright, Inc. was chosen because Built reflects the Systems Thinking approach to construction that Robby embraces, while Wright reflects the craftsmanship, artistry, skill, and understanding of the house that he believes should be integrated into the process.

Kathy Spigarelli
Education Coordinator
Kathy Spigarelli has been the RESNET education coordinator since 1998. As the education coordinator, Ms. Spigarelli assists in designing curriculum, coordinating workshops and delivering training of lenders and other housing and residential energy efficiency professionals on the market benefits of residential energy efficiency financing. Kathy has 20 years of experience in adult education including programs for Tyson Foods, Inc., Levi Strauss, Campbell Soup, and Vlasic Pickles.

Don Swift
Technical Services Manager
MaGrann Associates
Technical Services Manager at MaGrann Associates, is responsible for oversight of field operations for diagnostic inspections and HERS Ratings under the New Jersey Energy Star Homes Program.

Todd Taylor
Senior Research Engineer
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Todd Taylor is a senior research engineer at the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He has 20 years' experience developing and analyzing residential energy codes, including HUD's Manaufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards, ASHRAE's Standard 90.2, DOE's various federal and voluntary energy standards, and the Model Energy Code/International Energy Conservation Code. He was a primary developer of DOE's MECcheck/REScheck code compliance software and has managed or contributed to the development of numerous DOE software tools for building energy analysis and/or energy code development. Mr. Taylor also specializes in large-scale simulation analysis, planning and analysis of building energy metering studies, and the computational aspects of analyzing large energy datasets.

Michelle Thomas
Project Manager
Southern California Edison
Michelle is currently SCE's project manager for their residential new construction and local government energy efficiency programs. Starting out with SCE as a residential development specialist and eventually moving into new construction program management and project development, Michelle has spent nearly 13 years working with the building industry, local governments, and regulatory agencies on the development and implementation of energy efficiency programs for new construction. Michelle obtained her bachelor's degree in Journalism, Public Relations from California State University, Long Beach.

Mark Vanderlinden
Director - Housing and Community Development
Fannie Mae Southwestern Regional Office
Mark has been with Fannie Mae for 6 years, previously as Deputy Director of the New Mexico Partnership Office and, since May of 2001, as Director of Housing and Community Development in the Dallas regional office. His current responsibilities include managing Fannie Mae's efforts to expand homeownership opportunities for underserved communities in the 9- state Southwestern Region. Over half of the company's energy and environmental mortgage deliveries were originated in the Southwest region in 2003. Current focus is on forming lender and community development partnerships to reach minority and other underserved communities in inner cities, rural areas and Native American land.

Frank Vigil
Director, SystemVision
Advanced Energy
Nationally recognized as an expert in the fields of building science and training for the construction industry, Frank Vigil is known for his inspiring and captivating presentations in hundreds of national building science workshops and seminars. As a senior trainer and consultant to Masco's Environments for Living Program, Vigil has been a key contributor to the largest guarantee program in the nation, with over 25,000 houses completed to date. A former board member of the Energy Efficient Building Association (EEBA), Chair of the GSA Moisture Committee, a member of RESNET and a contributing author to such notable books as The Healthy House and The Secret Life of Dust as well as number magazine and newspaper publications, Vigil has been an integral part of the applied building sciences community for 20 years.

Daran Wastchak
D.R. Wastchak, L.L.C.
Daran Wastchak is the President of D.R. Wastchak, L.L.C., a firm based in Tempe, Arizona which specializing in residential energy efficiency and building science consulting. He has been a key implementer of the EPA's Energy Star for Homes program in the Phoenix market since 1996, first with the Del E. Webb School of Construction at Arizona State University, then with D.R. Wastchak, L.L.C since its founding in 1999. In addition to articles which have appeared in Home Energy magazine and the Arizona Journal of Real Estate and Business, Daran is a guest lecturer at Arizona State University, Scottsdale and Gateway Community Colleges, and the Arizona School of Real Estate. Daran has also given presentations at the annual conferences for the Energy and Environmental Building Association (EEBA), Affordable Comfort, Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), and Scottsdale Green Buildings Conference.

Keith Williams
Building Services & Consultant LLC
Keith Williams is the owner of Building Services & Consultant LLC, providing home performance evaluations and assessments for existing residential homes for the past five years. Has twenty years experience as an insulation contractor specializing in existing residential buildings. Keith is a qualified Wisconsin Home Performance Specialist, Certified Home Energy Rater and Outreach Specialist, providing class room and in-field home performance evaluation trainings.