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2003 RESNET Conference

Conference Theme

RESNET ConferenceFebruary 24 - 26, 2003
Shelter Pointe Hotel and Marina
San Diego, California

Building successful partnerships is a key ingredient to rating business development and successful program delivery. Across the nation, rating programs and raters have forged strong and effective successful partnerships. Partners could include:

  • Mortgage lenders

  • Fannie Mae Partnership Offices

  • Builders

  • Utilities

  • Federal, state and local agencies

  • Green building programs

  • ENERGY STAR allies

The 2003 RESNET Conference will focus on developing dynamic partnerships to deliver a profitable and effective rating service.

Within this theme there are two main tracks of the conference:

Rating Business Development

CalculatorThe key to the success of a rating program is generating a market for the rating services. There are, however, a number of challenges in making a rating service a profit center: builder resistance, lack of consumer awareness, competition from other energy efficient home certification programs. There are raters that have been very successful in making their rater services a profitable business in a number of states. These raters have made their service an added value to the housing industry partners they work with. A vital role of the 2003 RESNET Conference will be to provide raters and other building performance professionals marketing tools and practical models on how to approach ratings as a business and develop effective marketing techniques.

Keeping Up-to-Date With the Latest Developments in the Fields of Residential Energy Efficiency Financing and Home Energy Ratings

The fields of home energy ratings and residential energy efficiency financing in a constant state of change. Initiatives such as the green building movement, utility public benefit funds, proposed tax credits for residential energy efficiency, the EPA's existing homes program, residential energy codes, Fannie Mae's new energy efficient mortgage all have exciting promise. In addition there are a number of issues involving home energy ratings such as random sampling protocols, aligning the HERS® standard to the International Energy Code, and incorporating lighting, appliances and renewable energy sources into the rating score that are being considered that could have profound effects on the industry. In a rapidly changing world, it is critical to stay-on-top of these developments. The RESNET Conference is the only national forum dedicated to exploring these issues.