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2003 RESNET Conference


RESNET ConferenceFebruary 24 - 26, 2003
Shelter Pointe Hotel and Marina
San Diego, California

The following are PDF versions of presentations given at the 2003 RESNET Conference. The presentations are sorted by the session they were given in. All presentations will be added. If the particular presentation you are looking forward is not online yet, check back soon. The page will be updated as we receive more presentations:

Pre Conference Session

"Successful Rating and Building Performance Education and Marketing Strategies and Techniques"
John Livermore, Conservation Services Group

Opening General Session

"Rating the Rating Industry"
Steve Baden, Executive Director, RESNET

"Go for the Gold: Fannie Mae's New Products to Finance Residential Energy Efficiency"
Michelle Desiderio, Senior Product Developer, Fannie Mae

"Mega Trends for Residential Energy Efficiency, In the Nation and in California"
Dr. Arthur Rosenfeld, Commissioner, California Energy Commission

Break Out Sessions #1

"Kicking It Up a Notch" - Marketing ENERGY STAR to Builders

"Lenders Roundtable" - Quantifying the Benefits of Financing Residential Energy Efficiency

  • Miguel Don, Vice President - Area Sales Manager, Sterling Capital Mortgage
  • Marci Milligan, Deputy Director, Fannie Mae Utah Partnership Office
  • Jamie Gonzalez, Senior Loan Consultant, Sterling Capital Mortgage

"No Longer Just a Black Box" - Proposed RESNET Rating Software Testing Specifications and Verification Procedures

"Increasing Energy Code Performance Through Home Energy Ratings" - California Title 24: A Case Study

Break Out Sessions #2

"Swimming with Sharks" - Developing Relationships with Production Builders

"Sweet Dreams Are Made of This" - Opportunities Presented by Utility Public Benefit Funds

  • Rick Gerardi, Program Director, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
  • Terry Lenhart, Advanced Energy of Wisconsin
  • Gene Rodrigues, Director of Energy Efficiency, Southern California Edison

"Changing Codes": Understanding the Relationship Between IECC, HERS® and the Impact on ENERGY STAR

"Eureka!" - Tapping the Energy Improvement Mortgage Market: The California Experience

  • Jim Curtis, President, EEMs, Inc.
  • Tammara Eutsler, Energy Efficient Mortgage Manger, H&L Energy Savers
  • David Peterson, President, Rated Energy Plus

Break Out Sessions #3

"Does Home Performance Have a Role in the IECC?" - Proposed Changes to Chapter Four of the International Energy Conservation Code

  • David Goldstein, Energy Director, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Bill Prindle, Deputy Director, American Council for an American Energy Efficient Economy
  • Todd Taylor, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

"Credibility Through Quality Assurance" - Rating Provider Quality Assurance

  • Wade Byrd, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
  • Kathy Howard, Energy Sense

"The Federal Government has a Role" - The Implications of the New HUD Energy Initiative

  • Danny Mendez, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

"Wish They All Could be California Homes" - The California ENERGY STAR Homes Program

  • Thomas Hamilton, Executive Director, California Home Energy Efficiency Rating Program
  • Cece Barros, ENERGY STAR Homes Manager, Pacific Gas and Electric
  • David Blanke, ENERGY STAR Homes Manager, San Diego Gas and Electric
  • Michelle Thomas, ENERGY STAR Homes Manager, Southern California Edison

Tuesday General Session

"Confrontational Building Science"
Peter Yost, Building Science Corporation

"Not All the Stars are in Hollywood" - Update on ENERGY STAR Program
David Lee, Chief of EPA ENERGY STAR Residential Programs

"Lessons Learned With ENERGY STAR"
Sam Rashkin, Program Manager, EPA ENERGY STAR for Homes Program

Break Out Sessions #4

"Turn on the Lights and Let the Sun Shine In" - Incorporating Lighting, Appliances, and Renewable Energy Sources Into the Rating Method

"Builders Roundtable" - How to Select and Work with Raters

"Reaching for the Stars" - Building America's Performance Criteria

"With A Little Help from My Friends" - Successful State Sponsored Residential Energy Efficiency Programs

  • Wade Byrd, Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
  • Barbara Collins, Energy Rated Homes of the West
  • Andrew Fisk, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Break Out Sessions #5

"How Reliable is Sampling?" - Results of the Ohio Sampling Pilot Evaluation 

"Paths of Glory" - Elements of Successful ENERGY STAR Homes Labeling Programs

"Field of Dreams" - Implications of Zero Energy Home Initiative

"Seizing Opportunities with ENERGY STAR for Existing Homes"

  • Andrew Fisk, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
  • Mike Rogers, ENERGY STAR Consultant, MSI Consulting
  • Russ Rudy, Kansas City Home Performance With ENERGY STAR

Break Out Sessions #6

"Taking Care of Business" - The Management Issues of Running a Successful Rating Business

"Setting the Standard for Home Performance in Existing Homes" - The Building Performance Institute

"Setting the Sights on Ducts" - Overview of Duct Leakage Measurement Protocols

  • John Jennings, Conservation Services Group
  • Frank Vigil, Senior Building Science Manager, Advanced Energy

Wednesday General Session

"All That Shines is Not Gold" - Principles for Effective and Responsible Tax Incentives for Residential Energy Efficiency

Break Out Sessions #7

"Getting It Right" - Construction Practices Recommended to Builders

  • Bruce Harley, Technical Director, Conservation Services Group
  • Chris Maher, Thermo-Scan Inspections
  • David Wilson, Executive Director, Energy Rated Homes of Utah

"One Size Does Not Fit All" - Developing and Growing Niche Builder Markets

"A Tool for Affordable Housing" - Tapping the Opportunities of Partnering with Affordable Housing Programs

  • Barbara Collins, Energy Rated Homes of the West
  • Graham Davis, Habitat for Humanity International

"Keeping the Sun Out and the Energy In" - Changing Window Efficiency Specifications in the HERS® Reference

  • Bill Prindle, Deputy Director, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy

Post Conference Workshop

"Making the Case" - How to Convince Building Code Officials to Accept Home Energy Ratings as a Compliance Option to Residential Energy Codes