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2002 RESNET Conference


March 4-6, 2002
Florida Solar Energy Center
Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront
Cocoa, Florida

The following are PDF versions of presentations given at the 2002 RESNET Conference. The presentations are sorted by the session they were given in. All presentations will be added. If the particular presentation you are looking forward is not online yet, check back soon. The page will be updated as we receive more presentations.:

General Sessions

State of the HERS® Industry: What We have Accomplished
Steve Baden, RESNET - 330KB

"How Ratings Fit In the Bigger Picture": A Comprehensive Approach to Improving the Energy Efficiency of Buildings and Appliances
Philip Fairey, Florida Solar Energy Center - 91KB

"Hitch Your Wagon to a Star" - Update on the EPA Residential Programs David Lee, EPA - 2.7MB

"WE Can Show You the Money": What's New with Fannie Mae's Suite of Residential Energy Financing Products
Jim Taylor, Director of Product Innovation, Fannie Mae - 110KB

National Dialogue on Batch Testing of Ratings

Washington Update: Status of Legislation to Provide a Federal Tax Credit for Residential Energy Efficiency

Break Out Sessions

Session One

Building Ratings as a Profit Center" - A Rater Peer Exchange

Alternative Business Models for Home Energy Rating Providers and Raters

"Turn on the Lights and Let the Sun Shine In": Integrating Lighting, Appliances, and Renewable Energy Sources in Home Energy Ratings

"It is Never Too Old to Become Green": Incorporating Existing Homes into a Green Building Program

Session Two

EPA Existing Homes Program

"A Carrot and a Stick": Using Home Energy Ratings to Improve Energy Code Performance

"Building a Solid Foundation": Elements that should be Considered in a Rater Business and Marketing Plan

How to Increase Business through Partnering with Real Estate Agents

Session Three

National Roundtable on Creating a Dynamic Market for Home Energy Ratings

  • Michelle Desiderio, Fannie Mae - 45KB

"Green is also the Color of Money": The Potential of Partnerships with Green Building Programs

"Being a Lean and Mean Rating Machine": Streamlining Rating Field Inspections Without Sacrificing Quality

Session Four

Understanding and Marketing Energy Mortgages

"Does Every Home Have to be Rated?": The Results of the Ohio Batch Sampling Pilot

‘Taking it to the Streets": Update of ENERGY STAR Marketing Strategies and Materials

Inside Building America

Session Five

Existing Homes Energy Improvement and Financing

How to Develop Dynamic Partnerships with Fannie Mae Partnership Offices

  • Mark Vanderlinden, Fannie Mae
  • Marcella Roberts-Anderson, Fannie Mae Alabama Partnership Office
  • Nancy I Sharifi, Fannie Mae Central Florida Partnership Office

How to Keep Your Office Going When You are on the Road
Randy Martin, R. L. Martin and Associates

"Is It a Marriage that Can Work? Aligning Chapter Four of the International Energy Conservation Code and the Home Energy Rating Guidelines