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2001 RESNET Conference

Presenter Bios

February 25 - 28, 2001
Florida Solar Energy Center
Coca, Florida

The following are the bios of the presenters for the 2001 RESNET Conference.  The bios are sorted alphabetically by last name.

Robb Aldrich
Steven Winter Associates

Robb is an engineer at Steven Winter Associates and is responsible for energy modeling, mechanical systems design, and field evaluation of homes constructed by builders participating in the Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings (CARB), one of five industry teams funded by the Building America program. Robb received a Masters in Engineering from the Building Systems Program at the University of Colorado and has worked around the country on many projects related to renewable energy and building efficiency.

Steve Andrews
Senior Technical Director
E-Star Colorado

Steve Andrews is a Denver-based energy consultant and free-lance writer. He works primarily in the residential sector and is very active with the Denver Homebuilders' association and with the state's home energy rating system--E-Star of Colorado. His work ranges broadly, from co-chairing CORE's World Oil Forum in 1998, to working with the Fort Collins Utilities, code officials and Habitat for Humanity. Last year he co-authored the draft report to Colorado Legislature, for the Colorado PUC, regarding the findings by the state's Electricity Advisory Panel about whether or not to restructure the state's electricity industry. A near-term writing project explores national energy policy options.

Mike Andreyuk
Technical Associate
Southface Energy Institute

Mike Andreyuk is Technical Associate with the Southface Energy Institute. Mr. Andreyuk has been with Southface since 1996. His primary responsibilities include managing the Home Energy Rater Training program for the Southeast, radon outreach program, construction waste recycling demonstration project, and overseeing all technical services and Southface educational programs. Mr. Andreyuk is currently on the national committee that is devising the standards for HERS® Rater Training.

Steve Baden
Executive Director
Residential Energy Services Network

Steve Baden has worked in the residential energy efficiency field for over twenty four years, including seventeen years with home energy ratings and energy mortgages on both the state and national levels, and ten years administrating a state energy office. He initiated the "Warm Homes for Alaskans Initiative" which received the 1993 national award for the most outstanding state housing program from the National Council of State Housing Agencies. Mr. Baden was also awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Charmaine Brown
Product Developer
Fannie Mae

Charmaine Brown is a Product Developer in Fannie Mae's Housing and Community Development division, where she is responsible for creating affordable housing underwriting experiments for low and moderate-income home buyers. She currently manages Fannie Mae's Home Performance Power Initiative, which is being piloted in 14 markets. Prior to launching the Home Performance Power Initiative, Charmaine was instrumental in the successful development and marketing of Fannie Mae's Home Keeper for Home Purchase, Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, seniors housing products, the Construction to Permanent pilot and the Rent to Home Initiative. She has a successful track in marketing at Eastman Kodak Company, real estate management for Abe Pollin properties and commercial construction development for Lynn-Phill Construction Company. Charmaine holds a master's degree from the Johns Hopkins University.

Wade Byrd
Environmental Consultant
Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

Wade Byrd is currently Environmental Consultant for the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. He started Louisiana's home energy rating system, Energy Rated Homes of Louisiana, and the HERO program (home energy rebate option) that offers incentives to Louisiana homeowners to increase the efficiency of new and existing homes. Mr. Byrd also serves as project manager of the Department's building codes and standards program and is the primary instructor for training in ASHRAE/IES 90.1-1989, COMCheck, CABO MEC and MECcheck offered by the Department to architects, engineers, contractors and other commercial building industry professionals. Mr. Byrd has a B.S. in Natural Science from Louisiana State University and post-graduate work in math, chemistry and engineering.

Barbara Collins
Western Regional Manager
Energy Rated Homes of America

Barbara Collins is the Western Regional Manager of Energy Rated Homes America . Ms. Collins is a dynamic professional speaker and trainer on marketing, HERS and energy mortgage topics. Featured on the nationally broadcast television program "Today's Environment", her work has also been honored by the U.S. Department of Energy with its "1994 National Energy Award", and by the "1995 Renew America National Award". In 2000, the Mortgage Bankers Association of America featured Ms. Collins in its "Market Trends" series speaking on Energy

Dennis Creech
Executive Director
Southface Energy Institute

Mr. Creech is Executive Director of the Southface Energy Institute, a nonprofit organization offering technical assistance on sustainable buildings and communities. He directed development of the EarthCraft House program and the Southface Energy and Environmental Resource Center, a building that features over 100 sustainable technologies. He commutes in a total electric Toyota RAV4.

Mike DeWein
Technical Director
Building Codes Assistance Project

Mike DeWein is currently serving as the Technical Director of the Building Codes Assistance Project, a collaborative effort of the Alliance to Save Energy, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. He has been in the energy-efficiency business for most of his life, first as a builder and an alternative energy retailer, later joining the New York State Energy Office (NYSEO) to assist with its Energy Code outreach and implementation. Subsequently, Mr. DeWein was instrumental in the development of the NYSTAR home energy rating program. He served as Project Manager for several NYSEO programs, including the Renewable Energy, State Facilities, and Commissioning Teams. Mr. DeWein has served on many national and state advisory committees and boards. He was a member of the HERS Council Technical Committee. Currently he serves as a board member of the Energy and Environmental Building Association (EEBA), the Building Performance Contractors Association (BPCA), and as a member of the NYSERDA REAP Advisory Board and the NY Codes Council Energy Code Subcommittee.

Travis Dunn
Director of Marketing
Thermo-Scan Inspections 

Travis Dunn is the Director of Marketing for Thermo-Scan Inspections (TSI). TSI has been providing energy management services to commercial and residential clients for over 20 years. Recently, TSI developed an energy package that includes various inspections, air/duct sealing, an energy rating and 3-year guaranteed heating and cooling costs. TSI has guaranteed the heating and cooling costs in over 5,000 homes in the Indianapolis area.

Megan Edmunds
E-Star Colorado

Megan Edmunds is the manager of E-Star Colorado, which promotes residential energy in Colorado. The primary tool for this is the HERS program. E-Star Colorado uses its own processing system, designed by E-Star to interface with DOE2.1. There are over 30 active raters

throughout the state, performing ratings for builders and home owners. In November of 2000, E-Star Colorado processed it's 6000th rating. Megan's background includes 2.5 years with E-Star Colorado, preceded by 8 years of program evaluation and policy analysis experience with the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority. She has a B.A. and M.A. in political science, a certification in economic development finance. Born and raised in Alaska, she has been a Colorado resident for 23 years.

Richard Faesy
Senior Energy Analyst
Vermont Energy Investment Corporation

Richard currently works as part of the Consulting Team at the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation in Burlington, Vermont. Before this, he was responsible for the administrative and developmental functions of Energy Rated Homes of Vermont and Vermont's Energy Mortgage (EM) Programs since their inception in 1986. During that time, he has worked with Vermont's shelter industry (lenders, builders, utilities, Realtors and appraisers) to move these programs from a concept towards institutionalization. With this experience, he is active nationally in many Home Energy Rating System (HERS)/EM efforts including working with the Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Energy Rated Homes of America, Northeast HERS Alliance, the HERS Council, the National Collaborative on HERS and EEMs and other initiatives. He has also been involved with numerous energy policy efforts including the adoption of Vermont's first Energy Code, development of a Vermont residential mechanical ventilation standard, and a Northeast green building rating system. He has published numerous articles and speaks frequently at national conferences and meetings.

Philip Fairey
Deputy Director
Florida Solar Energy Center

Philip Fairey is Deputy Director of the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) and President of Building Consultants Group, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in building failures related to moisture control, pressure and air flow control, and building design and construction. Mr. Fairey graduated from Clemson University in Clemson, South Carolina, with a BA in Architecture in 1969 and a Master's degree in City and Regional Planning in 1975. In 1980, Mr. Fairey initiated the building science research program at FSEC. Since then, he has had primary responsibility for 25 major building science research contracts totaling more than $10 million. He has extensive experimental and analytical expertise in the fields of moisture transport and control, pressure and air flow control, indoor air quality (IAQ), building envelope systems, cooling and dehumidification systems, natural ventilation systems, energy-efficient building design, industrialized housing systems, utility Demand Side Management (DSM), building energy-efficiency rating systems, and computer simulation and modeling. He has also received two US Patents in the field of photocatalytic detoxification.

Ken Fonorow
Florida HERO

Ken Fonorow, President of Florida HERO, has been involved in building science and energy conservation for over 25 years as energy analyst, consultant, problem solver and is experienced in residential mechanical systems design and installation. His diverse background includes pioneering work in the development of software for energy auditing, blower-door technology and "Green" construction codes. In addition to being a noted guest speaker, Ken teaches Continuing Education courses in energy conservation at Santa Fe Community College. He is vice-chair of the Gainesville Energy Advisory Committee, on the Board of Directors of the Gainesville Builders Association and past President of the National Energy Raters Association (NERA). Ken recently was elected to the Board of Directors of the Florida Green Building Coalition. Ken has won several awards for his contributions to building science and energy conversation on local, state and national levels including the 1999 & 2000 Rater of the Year Awards in Florida and the 1999 EPA Energy Star "Ally of the Year" Award on behalf of Florida HERO Ken is a member of the Habitat for Humanity "Green Team" and contributes to other charitable projects. Ken is a nationally Certified HERS Trainer/Rater (Designation No. FL00196), State of Florida Certified Class I, BERS Rater (Certification No. 292), and has Master Certification in "Applied Building Science (Certification No. 01471)."

Jeremiah Gardner
Executive Director
Energy Rated Homes of Arkansas
Jeremiah Gardner is currently Executive Director of Energy Rated Homes of Arkansas, serving Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. As one of the original staff members of Energy Rated Homes of America, Mr. Gardner was instrumental in the development of the ERH -America program. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arkansas and a Masters in Economics from Tulane University (New Orleans). During the 1992 Clinton/Gore Presidential Campaign, Mr. Gardner worked in the Clinton/Gore War Room as an Advisor and Advance Team member. Served as Senior Research Consultant with HISTECON Associates, an Economic Think Tank, where he conducted numerous studies on Energy Policy. In 1989, Mr. Gardner worked with the University of Chicago/Argonne National Laboratory (U. S. Department of Energy Lab) in the Environmental Management, Economic Impact Assessments Division, as an analysis on a special project.

Rick Gerardi
Program Director
Residential Energy Affordability
New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)

Rick Gerardi is the Director of the Residential Energy Affordability Program (REAP) at NYSERDA. For more than a decade, NYSERDA has been funding critical research to improve New York's residential energy efficiency. REAP is the logical extension of that commitment. Designed to improve both residential efficiency and affordability, especially for the State's low-income citizens, REAP focuses research and deployment resources to create innovative strategies for improved building performance in New York's residential sector. Market-based initiatives range from increasing consumer awareness of and demand for energy efficient products and services through an Energy Star7 labeling effort, to the support and enhancement of a competent infrastructure of building performance contractors to assure quality work. Mr. Gerardi was the director for the State's low-income Weatherization Assistance Program for 14 years where he managed over a half a billion dollars in efficiency work and instituted a number of innovative practices. He has been in the building trade for over 20 years, having built solar, energy efficient homes prior to his tenure with the State.

Pattie W. Glenn
Green Smart

  • President/CEO of GreenSmart consulting in green sales, marketing and lending, and development

  • Senior Vice President of Bosshardt Realty's Research & Development Division specializing in start-up development of market-driven, high performance communities

  • Member of NAHB's Institute of Residential Marketing, MIRM

  • Certified New Homes Sales Professional, CSP

  • NAHB instructor for IRM & CSP courses

  • 2001 Energy Value Housing Awards Judge

  • DOE/EPA's Energy Star7 2000 Ally of the Year Special Recognition Award as the first Realtor in the Nation recognized for outstanding dedication to steering the housing market towards a new standard of energy efficiency and conducting research to prove its value

  • 2000 Founding Director, National Energy Raters Foundation Board, NERF

  • 2000 Founding Director, Florida Green Building Coalition, FGBC

David B. Goldstein
Co-Director, Energy Program
Natural Resources Defense Council

David B. Goldstein has worked on energy efficiency and energy policy since the early 1970s. He currently co-directs NRDC's Energy Program, where his work has spanned a broad range of energy issues in the buildings sector in energy planning, utility policy, and transportation. Dr. Goldstein has been instrumental in the development of energy efficiency standards for new buildings and appliances both in the United States and in Russia. Dr. Goldstein negotiated the agreement that led to the National Appliance Energy Conservation Act of 1987, and the Amendments of 1988. He initiated the "Golden Carrot"7 refrigerator program, and was a founding director of the Consortium for Energy Efficiency and the New Buildings Institute. David B. Goldstein initiated and directed research and policy analysis on the elements of urban structure that affect the usage of automobiles relative to mass transit, and worked with NRDC staff on incentives for cleaner and more efficient cars. He originated the Location Efficient Mortgagetm and co-founded the Institute for Location Efficiency. David B. Goldstein received a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley, and is a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Thomas Hamilton
Executive Director
California Home Energy Efficiency Rating System (CHEERS)

Thomas Hamilton is responsible for the overall leadership and direction of a state-wide non-profit home energy rating organization encompassing its administration, technical and training departments. Developed the CHEERS strategic business plan in order to become financially self-sufficient. Mr. Hamilton oversees all fiscal activities including the operating annual budget of $1 million and the ongoing marketing and implementing new business development throughout the state. Prior to joining CHEERS Thomas Hamilton, worked in the mortgage industry serving as Senior Vice President of the Western League of Savings Institutions, Vice President of FarWest Savings & Loan, and Secondary Marketing Manager of Westco Savings Bank.

Bruce Harley
Technical Director for Residential Services
Conservation Services Group

Bruce Harley is an engineer who has been involved in residential energy efficiency for more than a decade. His field experience includes testing, diagnosis and remediation of air leakage, duct leakage, airflow, combustion safety and indoor air quality in residential buildings, and efficiency testing and troubleshooting of geothermal heat pumps. As Technical Director of Residential Services for Conservation Services Group, he has done direct design work as well as project consulting on a wide variety of new buildings and mechanical systems, as well as oversight of the technical aspects of CSG's field operations. Since 1997, he has been the principal trainer in residential energy codes in the states of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and has conducted numerous training in energy efficient residential construction, building science, mechanical systems, and diagnostic techniques for architects, designers, builders, building officials and trades people. He has also been active in development of the Northeast HERS Alliance and is one of their principal rater trainers. He currently lives in Stamford, Vermont in an efficient, comfortable solar-electric house which he designed and built.

Roy Harvey
Senior Vice President
MaGrann Associates

Mr. Harvey is Senior Vice President of MaGrann Associates, an East Coast building energy consulting and engineering firm. He oversees all business activities related to Builder and Architect services, and his team provides mechanical design, energy code compliance, inspection services and home energy ratings. He has served as Regional Vice President for a large Pennsylvania-based home builder/developer, and previous to that was with Home Owners Warranty (HOW) Corporation. Mr. Harvey served on the Board of Directors of the Home Energy Ratings Systems (HERS) Council and a HERS/EEMS Task Force for the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency. Mr. Harvey's professional affiliations include the American Institute of Constructors (AIC) and is qualified as a Certified Professional Constructor (CPC). He is also a Member of the Chartered Institute of Building (MCIOB) which is the preeminent organization for professionals in the building industry in his native country, the United Kingdom.

Michael J. Holtz, AIA
Architectural Energy Corporation

Mr. Holtz has been engaged in energy research, development, and design since 1972, and has been involved in the research, development, and implementation of home energy rating systems since 1979. He has participated in all national HERS planning efforts, including the National League of Savings Association, the HUD/DOE Collaborative Council on Home Energy Rating, the HERS Council, and the NASEO/RESNET initiatives; and a number of state HERS initiatives. Architectural Energy Corporation has developed the REM/Rate and REM/Design residential energy analysis, code compliance, and rating software, widely used throughout the U.S. by HERS providers, weatherization agencies, energy consultants, utilities, and others.

Bion Howard
Building Environmental Science and Technology

Bion (pron. By'-en) has conducted and supervised energy efficiency, solar building assessment, and environmental conservation-related programs for the US Environmental Protection Agency, Alliance to Save Energy, National Association of Home Builders, National Institute for Standards and Technology, National Concrete Masonry Association and the DOE National

Solar Data Program. He has helped save energy and protect the environment via upgrades to energy standards and codes, pioneering energy performance assessment techniques, helping create national marketing identity for energy efficiency (Energy Star Homes) and worked to make "passive solar building" household words (well almost.). Currently he is president of Building Environmental Science and Technology, a national consulting firm providing services to industry, non-profit organizations, consumers and government agencies on a wide variety of building environmental science issues. Mr. Howard holds a Masters of Science from the University of Wisconsin and a Bachelors Degree from the University of Redlands/Johnston College. Howard has served on the Board's of Directors for several non-profit energy and environmental organizations, and has published over 100 papers, articles and reports in the field since the early 1970's.

Kathy Howard
Operations and Marketing Director
Guaranteed Watt Savers, Texas Branch

Kathy Howard is the Operations and Marketing Director for the Texas branch of Guaranteed Watt Savers. She is a certified rater and provides analysis and testing for residential new construction homes. Kathy's spent 20 year in Marketing with Reliant Energy HL&P in the Residential Sector. Accomplishments included the development and implementation of programs targeted at the residential consumer . Kathy's experience spans from Business planning and implementation, to contract negotiations for programs including Energy Experts, Economic Development and Good Cents program (an energy efficiency program targeted at Builders). Her latest accomplishment was to develop and implement an Energy Star Pilot in Houston Texas and is now helping to transform this to a market driven program in the Texas market.

Mark E. Jansen
Program Director
Energy Rated Homes Midwest

Mark Jansen administers the Energy Rated Homes Midwest program that has conducted over 4800 energy ratings in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. He began the program during his thirteen year tenure with the Indiana Department of Commerce, Energy Policy Division. Prior to working for state government Mark performed over 5000 residential energy audits under contract to a local utility in Indianapolis. He attended Jordan Energy Institute in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mark is the past President of Energy Rated Homes of America and is a member of the Energy Subcommittee of the NAHB.

Ronald Judkoff
Director, Buildings and Thermal Systems Center
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Ron Judkoff Directs the Buildings and Thermal Systems Center at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Previously he was a Senior Architectural Engineer in NREL's Building Energy Technology Program specializing in simulation and monitoring techniques related to the energy performance of buildings, and the design of energy optimized buildings. He has published over 60 papers, articles, and technical reports in the peer-reviewed and popular literature. He is the recipient of a Federal Laboratory Consortium Award, and an NREL Outstanding Achievement Award for developing a method for rapid thermal testing of buildings. The work resulted in a 500% increase in the cost-effectiveness of energy efficiency retrofits for manufactured buildings in the National Low Income Weatherization Program. He led the team that developed the SERI-RES (now SUNREL) energy modeling program used for analysis of solar buildings in the US and Europe by many consultants and universities. He chairs an ASHRAE committee, and an International Energy Agency (IEA) Experts Group developing methods to validate and improve building energy software. He was the lead developer of the BESTEST method for testing such software. Prior to NREL, he had been a staff scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory, and a construction project manager for residential and commercial buildings. He has also been a consultant to the Agency for International Development (USAID), and the governments of Morocco, Mali, Tunisia, and Djibouti on energy efficiency in buildings. He served in the Peace Corps for 3 years in Senegal and Upper Volta (now Burkino Fasso) as a construction supervisor for rural infrastructure improvement projects. He holds a Masters in Architecture degree from Columbia University.

John F. Kennedy
Principal, Mechanical Engineer P.E.

John F. Kennedy is one of the founders of GeoPraxis and is responsible for GeoPraxis' Information Technology. John, a licensed mechanical engineer, has over eight years of experience developing and expanding the market for building energy analysis tools. These tools are used by a wide assortment of users, and applications on various platforms. John has led GeoPraxis' software development efforts into areas that are at the forefront of building energy analysis. These include internet-based applications that enable GeoPraxis' clients to streamline their business models with cost-effective and up-to-date approaches. A registered mechanical engineer with distinguished expertise in building energy analysis and software development. Mr. Kennedy has a great deal of practical experience in developing software that allows non-technical users easy access to highly technical tools. As head of Information System and Software Development at GeoPraxis, Mr. Kennedy's current projects at GeoPraxis include to continue development of a DOE-2 energy analysis tool on the Internet. This tool is the first and only commercial building DOE-2 analysis tool to be available over the Internet. It is the basis for several Internet based tools. In addition to his software-related accomplishments, Mr. Kennedy's has published and presented papers on international energy code development, the quantitative assessment of resource sustainability, chiller retrofits, and on environmental pay-backs of building energy efficiency measures. Prior to forming GeoPraxis, Mr. Kennedy led the software development team at RLW Analytics (Shape-IT, Forecast-IT, and Compare-IT tools) and was the senior developer of VisualDOE while at Charles Eley Associates.

David Lee
Director, Residential Branch
Environmental Protection Agency

David Lee currently is the Director for the Residential Branch, overseeing the ENERGY STAR New and Existing Homes Program. Prior to the ENERGY STAR Program, David was the branch chief responsible for the regulatory program to phase out the use of ozone depleting chemicals. A former Peace Corps volunteer, he has degrees from Oberlin College and the University of Michigan.

Peggy MacLeod
Energy Rated Homes of Connecticut

Peggy MacLeod is an advocate for sustainable energy solutions in New England where she is active on the board of People's Action for Clean Energy (PACE). In 1997 she left the environment of banking and insurance to become an energy efficiency advocate and to co-found the Connecticut Energy Cooperative, New England's only supplier of certified 100% renewable Green-e electricity. Peggy started Energy Rated Homes of Connecticut and is currently involved in bringing energy improvement mortgages to Connecticut and Western Massachusetts. In her "spare time", Ms. MacLeod is chairperson of the Northampton, Massachusetts Energy Resources Commission, and makes her home in the nearby Pioneer Valley in a co-housing community of passive solar homes.

Thomas Marston
Vice President
Energy Services Group

Thomas Marston is Vice President of Energy Services Group. He joined the company in 1990 to bring marketing services to this 10 year old company. Since joining ESG has expanded its services to include energy ratings for new construction home builders. They currently provide Energy Star certification in over 700 homes. ESG serves builders in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Douglas S. McCleery, P.E.
Director of Technical Services
MaGrann Associates

Mr. McCleery is Director of Technical Services at MaGrann Associates in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. He holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University and is licensed as a professional engineer in NJ, PA, MD, VA and DE. He is certified by ACCA as an instructor for residential load calculation and duct design, and is accredited by IGSHPA as a trainer for its geothermal heat pump system installation course. Doug has been a certified Home Energy Rater since 1996. Mr. McCleery has been involved with building sciences, energy codes, and energy efficient construction for twelve years at MaGrann Associates, where he oversees all technical and engineering operations, including HVAC design and other energy related consulting services to the residential building industry. He has also been active in utility DSM new construction programs since 1988. Over the past three years, MaGrann Associates has certified over 2200 Energy Star Homes through utility programs in New Jersey.

Mark Milin
ICF Consulting, Inc.

Marc Milin is an Associate with ICF Consulting, Inc., and is the southeastern regional account manager for the Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR program for homes. He provides technical and marketing assistance to utilities, raters, and builders across eight states. Prior to the ENERGY STAR Homes program, Marc worked on ENERGY STAR Commercial and Industrial Programs. Mr. Milin has been working on the ENERGY STAR programs for the last four years. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Public Administration from George Mason University.

Lynne Morton
Office Manager
Energy Rated Homes Midwest

Lynne Morton is the Office Manager for the Energy Rated Homes Midwest program that has conducted over 4800 energy ratings in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio. She began her work with the program during her one year tenure with the Indiana Department of Commerce, Energy Policy Division. She has personally processed over 3000 ratings to date. She has been vitally important to the smooth transition Energy Rated Homes Midwest has had going from state government to the private sector. She has been with the program a total of three years.

Lena Nirk
Manager Home Improvement

Lena Nirk manages Home Improvement with Energy Star, the EPA efforts directed at the residential existing homes market. Previously, she developed the Energy Star Lighting Fixture program working with manufacturer, retailer and utility partners. Her other EPA experience includes NAFTA environmental implementation experience and regulation development.

Linda Perry
Executive Director
Energy Rated Homes of Mississippi

Linda Perry is Executive Director of Energy Rated Homes™ of Mississippi, Inc., a nonprofit, accredited Home Energy Rating System (HERS) that also operates as Energy Rated Homes of the South in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Energy Rated Homes of the South has trained and certified 32 home energy raters through its accredited training partnership with Southface Energy Institute in Atlanta. Perry has over 20 years experience directing private nonprofit housing and community development organizations including V'Burg, Inc., the 1993 recipient of the Fannie Mae Foundation Awards of Excellence in Affordable Housing. She is also a founding member of the Housing Coalition of Mississippi. As the 2000 president of Energy Rated Homes™ of America, Perry has worked to promote Energy Efficient Mortgages with lenders across the nation to achieve more affordable and better housing. Her nonprofit organization is an EPA ENERGY STAR ally.

Sam Rashkin, R.A.
ENERGY STAR Homes Manager|
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Mr. Rashkin has managed ENERGY STAR for Homes since its launch in October 1995. Under his leadership, the ENERGY STAR for Homes has grown to more than 2,500 builder and ally partners and over 25,000 completed ENERGY STAR labeled homes. Mr. Rashkin received his Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University and completed Masters of Urban Planning studies at New York University. During his 20+ years as a licensed architect, he specialized in energy efficient residential construction. He also has been responsible for developing and implementing market development programs at the California Energy Commission. In addition to designing over 100 residential architectural projects, Sam has prepared numerous articles, technical papers, reports, and seminars and has appeared on television and radio covering a wide variety of energy topics.

Susan Recken
Residential Conservation Manager
Arkansas Energy Office

Susan Recken was hired as the manager of residential conservation for the energy office, which is a part of the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC), in October 1993. The agency provides programs for communities, established industries, and companies considering a location or expansion in Arkansas. AEDC's mission is to foster an environment that leads to improved economic well being and quality of life for all citizens of Arkansas. As the manager of residential conservation for the energy office she creates awareness of various state energy programs through education, marketing, and implementation. She is also responsible for the enhancement and enforcement of the Arkansas Energy Code. Recently, Recken joined the Community and Business Development Team with AEDC. Additional responsibilities will include working with ACE communities on housing initiatives, REBUILD Arkansas and local Energy Code adoption. Prior to her job at AEDC Recken worked in the sales and services department of Pacific Power and Light, a subsidiary of Pacificorp headquartered in Oregon. Recken had district oversight for all energy sales and conservation programs including community development in the Clatsop Region (NW Coastal area). A native of Columbia, Missouri, Recken attended Columbia College and the University of Oregon.

Paul Rimelspach
Energy Design Alternatives

Paul Rimelspach is an independent energy consultant with a background in retailing and business management and has been promoting energy efficient construction techniques since 1990. He has been an ALLY in the DOE/EPA ENERGY STAR HOME program since 1994. He has assisted builders in understanding and meeting the CABO Model Energy Code since 1995. With a consulting business, Energy Design Alternatives, based in Elyria, Ohio, Paul utilizes computerized energy modeling and utility analysis to provide clients with prioritized energy upgrade and design improvement strategies. These strategies enable financial based decisions on energy upgrade investments. His business goals include helping builders to build better homes, to reduce warranty callbacks, and to make energy efficiency profitable. His goals also include making consumers aware of improved building techniques that produce greater comfort, lower utility bills, and higher property values, or Better Homes for Less for Everyone! Paul is a certified Rater working with the Home Energy Ratings of Ohio, a HERO Rater Trainer, a DOE/EPA ENERGY STAR HOMES ALLY, and the newest member of Ohio's Building Performance Group.

Russ Rudy
Heart of America Smart Builder Program
Metropolitan Energy Center

Russ Rudy has broad experience in residential and commercial construction, with over 20 years of experience in residential energy efficiency. He has built and renovated houses and has been recognized for excellence in historic preservation. Russ worked as a Community Action Agency Weatherization Program Director in St. Joseph Missouri. He worked as the Program Compliance and Performance Monitor and Training Director for the Kansas Weatherization Assistance Program (K-WAP). He founded and directed the Kansas Energy Ratings Association (KERA) to bring home energy ratings to the State of Kansas, and he worked as a trainer and consultant with the Kansas Building Science Institute (KBSI). Russ now operates the Heart of America Smart Builder Program and the Energy and Environmental Ratings Alliance (EERA) for the Metropolitan Energy Center in Kansas City.

Robert J. Sahadi
Vice President for Product Development and Technology
Fannie Mae

Robert J. Sahadi is Fannie Mae's vice president for product development and technology. He is responsible for developing innovative products and technology solutions that meet special housing and financial needs. His department developed the Home Keeper reverse mortgage and HomeStyle rehabilitation products and is currently working on a number of new product ideas involving community development, minority lending, and leveraging technology. Mr. Sahadi joined the corporation in July 1987 as vice president for mortgage-backed securities (MBS) investor marketing, and was responsible for MBS investor marketing programs for both the domestic and international investment communities. He assumed his current position in August 1991. Prior to joining Fannie Mae, Mr. Sahadi was chief economist and director of policy at the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. There, he was responsible for thrift regulatory policy, FSLIC regulation and financial product research. From 1981 to 1985, he was chief financial planner for the Federal Home Loan Bank System. Mr. Sahadi also worked for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the New Communities Development Corporation, and was a management fellow in the Executive Office of the President of the United States.

Tei Simmerman
Florida Energy Gauge Program
Florida Solar Energy Center

Tei Simmerman joined the staff of the Florida Solar Energy Center as the program coordinator for the Florida Energy Gauge in March of 1998. Her tasks include marketing Energy Gauge 7software to consumers, builders, real estate professionals and mechanical systems professionals, the training of new raters, educating diversified groups about the rating system, software technical support and maintaining the ratings database. In addition, she has also conducted workshops and performed technical support for the Department of Community Affairs in Florida dealing with both residential and commercial energy code to building officials, HVAC contractors, and builders. Ms. Simmerman has more than 20 years experience in preparing residential and commercial energy calculations for builders. She is a Certified Class I Energy Rater in the State of Florida and a certified residential building contractor. In addition, she is a member of the Board of Directors of the Florida Housing Coalition, a non-profit affordable housing advocate.

Terry Smith
Home Energy Ratings of Ohio
Ohio Office of Energy Efficiency

Terry Smith has worked in the energy efficiency industry since 1976. First in the Weatherization Assistance Program (both local and state level), and since 1992 in the Ohio Office of Energy Efficiency. Mr. Smith has duties in most residential non-WAP programs. He worked with the Home Energy Ratings of Ohio (HERO) steering committee when the rating system in Ohio was being developed and in 1997 assumed responsibility for administering the ratings system state-wide.

Dennis Stroer
National Energy Raters Association

Dennis Stroer is a State of Florida Class A Air Conditioning / Heating / Ventilation / Refrigeration (HVAC) Contractor. He owned and operated an Air Conditioning/Heating Service company over 25 years. He is currently owner of CALCS PLUS a company that specializes in HVAC system sizing, energy calculations, system design and performance testing of homes. He is NBI certified for Test & Balance, certified by the State of Florida as a Class 1 Residential Rater, New Commercial Rater, and New Public Building Rater. He is an active member of the ManaSota Air Conditioning Contractors Association and the Florida Green Building Coalition. He is a member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers and ResNet. He is currently president of the National Energy Raters Association.

Brenda J. Teaster
Mechanical Engineer
University of Illinois at Chicago

Ms. Teaster is a mechanical engineer at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Energy Resources Center, Energy Conservation Group which is comprised of research engineers, architects and graduate student research assistants. The major focus of this group is on optimizing energy usage in commercial, institutional, residential, and industrial applications. As part of this group, she has participated in numerous energy audits, most recently: Chicago City Colleges, The University of Chicago, Elgin High School, State of Illinois' Metal Fastener Industry, NTN Ball Bearing, M&M Mars Candy Co., and the Brookfield Zoo Tropic World Exhibit. Currently, Ms. Teaster is managing the marketing of EnergyWise Homes of Illinois, a residential energy-rating program sponsored by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs (DCCA). She is also the EnergyWise HERS provider for Chicago and the six surrounding Northern Illinois counties.

Jerry Thatcher
Energy Diagnostics

Jerry Thatcher is the co-owner along with wife Karen of Energy Diagnostics located in NW Indiana. Our service territory includes the states of IN, IL., and MI. We have recruited 48 builders that are participating in the Energy Star Program along with 6 local lenders offering Energy Star Mortgage packages. We have been performing energy ratings since 1994. We have seen a dramatic increase in customer interest and anticipate a 100% growth in our business this yr. We work primarily in the new construction market, but again are seeing an increase in the existing home stock because of the increase in utility costs. Energy is selling homes once again, let's all take advantage of this opportunity.

Robin Vieira
Florida Green Building Coalition

Robin Vieira is a program manager at the Florida Solar Energy Center in Cocoa, FL. Mr Vieira has over 15 years of experience in hot, humid climate research. He has been the principal investigator for over 2 million dollars of contracts and grants from industry, foundations and state and federal agencies. He has led research efforts in residential auditing and field evaluation work, survey and statistical work, and computer simulation and analysis work. Rob has presented over 40 workshops and seminars on sustainable development and energy-efficient construction to developers, builders, designers and others in the energy & environmental & development fields. He has written papers for diverse audiences, e.g., Transportation Quarterly, Florida Planning, and ASHRAE Transactions, and was the primary author of one book, Energy-Efficient Florida Home Buildings. Rob leads FSEC's involvement in providing technical support to Southeastern builders for EPA's Energy Star Homes Program and has directed the work on the cost-benefit optimization, improvement analysis and system sizing features of the State of Florida's residential code and rating software.

Douglas Walter
Kansas Building Science Institute

Doug Walter is president of Kansas Building Science Institute (KBSI), a building science training and consulting firm based in Manhattan, Kansas. Walter is the lead trainer for KBSI's home energy rater certification training and other building performance short courses offered for the building industry trades. He has taught building energy principles for more than 20 years.

David A. Wilson
Executive Director
Utah Energy Conservation Coalition

David A. Wilson is the Executive Director of the Utah Energy Conservation Coalition (a private non-profit training and education organization) providing statewide residential energy auditor training, HERS rater training, training and technical assistance for the Weatherization Assistance Program as well as working with the state in residential energy code compliance and training. He is currently working with the state of Utah in developing a "Utah Green Builder" energy program to complement the EPA Energy Star HOMES Program, as well as the existing Utah HERS Program recognizing innovative builders and their contribution to the housing industry. He has extensive knowledge of local, state and federal government operations pertaining to energy issues and concerns. He has both a B.A. and an M.A. from the Brigham Young University in Organizational Communications with an emphasis on organizational training. He has over twenty years experience in the housing industry with emphasis on energy conservation and efficiency for both new and existing homes. David lives in the city of Orem with his wife Charlene and five children (all boys except for the four girls). When not at work, David enjoys working with the Boy Scouts of America in the Venturing program for older youth.